Gamo Lady Recon Air Rifle

Gamo makes the best air rifles around. Does anyone know if the scope is removable, so you can also use regular sights?

Ah! I answered my own question by looking at the pictures. Yep. Both sights are there and the scope is removable. :slight_smile:

I assume this will shoot BBs as well as lead pellets…?

This is a much better deal that when it was on deals.woot

I’m not sure about when it was on moofi:

My son Ralphie won’t stop bugging me for a rifle like this, I swear to god it’s all the boy talks about. He even wrote a school paper about it, but my buzzkill wife keeps telling him he’ll shoot his eye out, tellin me he’s too young for a gun. I’m thinking of going behind the old lady’s back and buying it for him anyways. I don’t even care if I don’t get any for a week, I got my trophy to keep me company. What do you guys think? I’m sure he can handle himself, but what is the recommend age for this gun?

You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!

WOW!! It sure is…pink.

Buy him a pink gun :wink: I’m sure he’ll look past it ahaha

So what makes this a “lady” air rifle? Shorter stock, lighter weight?


His aunt just got him this great pink bunny costume, this is actually will match him perfectly.

D:< Why does pink automatically equal girl? Not all females like pink! In fact, I hate it, so despite the fact that pink things are “geared” toward females, it actually makes me like them less!

Argh! You beat me to it.

Buy a pink air rifle, paint it black

Now its a Man’s Air Rifle.

So does this mean California finally gets some love?

Thanks to stick-in-the-mud buzzkilling state legislators, this cannot be delivered to the following states:

New Jersey
Washington DC
APO & FPO Addresses
US Territories

In addition to the states above, the following zip codes are also off-limits:

BTW, these are great guns for plinking and target practice, basically a “first gun”. 500fps is good enough to be accurate to 10m. For varmint hunting you really need 900+fps in a .177 pellet. That said, for a first gun, it doesn’t get much better than this–unless pink isn’t your thing. :wink:

As long as you aren’t in the 94XXX zip code–basically the pansy ass Nanny State wankers of the Bay Area, Cali loves the guns. Look at the map, Cali was one of the first states to buy in on this! :slight_smile:

You are good if your kid is over three!If not a great toy for you.

Hey CowboyDan, I cannot resist…I say the recommended age is whatever the wife says it is divided by his current age. If the ratio is 1 or less, you are just dandy, (plus remember that asking gives you additional perks come sundown). If however, the sum is greater than 1, best to sleep with one eye open pardner.

Growing up in the woods of the midwest I see some funny deer hunting traditions starting with this gun. :slight_smile: “Ha, Your year for the pink rifle!”

your kid will love this even though it’s pink. you can get some cans of krylon and customize it in camo and he will be stoked. just shoot into soft wood or a pellet trap and wear safety glasses, as with any weapon, an you will be fine. he will want a gun from now till he’s old enough to buy, thats just how it works with boys.

The pictures show it folded, and the scope is not there.