Gamo Refurbished Air Rifles

Still no .22.

There was a .22 up on Woot on 30April. Nitrogen piston as well.

That one.

Still loving my big cat. Recommended. My father enjoys his varmint hunter. I doubt he has gotten any varmint; however, it is still fun for aggressive plinking!

I’m just surprised they can ship this to NY State.

In NY state, you’re limited to 10 pellets.

You’ll shoot your eye out!

I have a question about the ‘Bone Collector Bull Whisper .177 cal air rifle’. In the 3 pictures that are shown on the item description page it shows 2 out of the 3 with one type of barrel, and one picture out of the three with an obviously different type of barrel. (The first two pictures have what appears to be the ‘fluted, polymer coated barrel’ that is in the written description, while the third picture appears to have a more traditional looking type of ‘Bull Barrel’. Can you assure us of exactly which type of barrel the gun will be coming with, or is there a possibility that if a person places an order for this model gun that they may end up with either type barrel, and that they won’t know which one until the gun arrives?
Thank You.

I’ve checked with our buyer and confirmed that the barrel included is the one we mention in the description: “Bull Whisper Noise Dampener. Fluted Polymer Jacketed Rifled Steel.”

We have removed the image featuring the other barrel. Sorry for any confusion.

7, actually, but I was more concerned about the noise reducer.

Just give New York back to England.

These are some decent guns. I am full up though. Despite the odd oil marks, and lack of sling, and moderate scope, and sucky tax, the Trail NP from last month is proving to be excellent. Thanks woot! for listening and delivering on the .22 cal. :slight_smile:

Picked up the Whisper Silent Cat last time around, and couldn’t be happier. I have paid more for new Gamo rifles that were not as tuned as this one. In fact, one of them I returned as the barrel was mounted about 3degrees off to the right of the stock, making the scope mounting impossible.
Back to the cat - sound reduction is good, accuracy is excellent, and the stock design allows me to grab it quickly, without it ‘rolling’ off my palm, line up the sites and take out mice in one shot, pretty fluidly. The scope is decent enough for the 50’ x 25’ barn I use it in, but I could see how it would be lacking in a larger arena.

There is just something about having “silent cat” as part of the name that gives this thing some real appeal and meaning. :slight_smile:

Yep! And that Benjamin .22 went to quick, so many of us are waiting for another one. And Nitrogen would be especially nice!

7 actually now.


I believe you can own it - but you cannot hunt with it.

I’m not entirely sure why Woot! can’t sell to zip code 376xx (TN). My local Wal-Mart sells these. Amazon also has these available for shipping to my address.

Bummer. I was going to pick one up for my dad for Father’s Day.

I have the Silent Cat, but in .22. I like it, but the scope mounting bracket started to slip at first. Not the most secure design. It’s pretty quiet.

Funny, I just took care of two squirrels living in my attic on Saturday. Works.

Anyone have any thoughts on this refurbished Silent Cat versus the Benjamin Titan NP (new) for only $25 more at a local WM. Seems like the Benjamin has a little nicer scope (Center Point) and have heard many in past sales rave about the nitro piston guns…

Looking for something a little more accurate/consistent than the old Crossman 10-pump for some minor critter ‘maintenance’.