Gamo Refurbished Air Rifles

I need something that shoots above 650 fps in order to legally hunt with in my state.

Which of this would work as a backup rifle, or a rifle for the mrs?

All of these can shoot in excess of 1000 fps.

If you live in an area with a deer problem, these make for a great way to scare them out of your yard. A pellet won’t break their hide but will send them running away. check local laws before trying this though

Please bring back and offer more .22 Cal please.

Oh, that’s good then. Thanks.

This would be for small game. Tree rat and rabbit typically, doubt I would ever even see, let alone need to take care of a yote around my parts.

What I am curious about is how well do the scopes stay zeroed? The scope looks like it is mounted on the body of the air rifle, but the barrel gets used as a cocking lever for each shot. I think that would affect the accuracy quite a bit. Anyone own one of these that could comment?

I’m curious about the shipping restrictions. 18501-19388 includes basically the entirety of eastern Pennsylvania, but the only part of Pennsylvania with airgun restrictions is the City of Philadelphia (zip codes 19102-19154). Why the extra restrictions?

Same issue every time when shipping to NY. Only three or so zip codes are good, and it just so happens that 2 of them are on the boarder of queens (a borough of NYC with restrictions)

There are a lot of reviews on pyramid air amd the general consensus is the scopes these rifles come with suck, and I have to agree. They are as basic as they get and need to be changed asap. I’m currently shopping around for a scope for my big cat. That was my easoning too about the accuracy regarding the break barrel but surprisingly people report them being quite accurate despite the design.

I’m not at all familiar with air rifles. What I gather is that they only shoot one pellet at a time. You load it by “breaking” the barrel, inserting a pellet, pump, shoot, and repeat. There isn’t a cartridge or magazine, per se. Any clarifications appreciated. Thanks.

These rifles are single shot. There is no seperate coking mechanism for these pellet rifles. “breaking the barrel” is how the rifle is “pumped” or “cocked” while the barrel is broke you just load in another pellet raise the barrel back in position and fire away. Keep in mind these are not bb guns and are in fact much more dangerous.

The scopes aren’t great but they’ll do for most people’s shooting. It’s nice to replace them but theres not really a need to. The accuracy of these scopes isn’t effected by cocking the rifle, at least not short term. once every few months you might have to send it over a few ticks, nothing big.

These rifles will fire PBA ammo over 1000 fps but I wouldn’t advise using it. PBA ammo is less accurate and makes the gun louder. They’ll fire normal pellets in the 800-900fps range, which is plenty for small pest or scaring away larger ones. is a great place to learn if you think you may be interested. As you will see, these are low end guns, the quality is good and the price is right but they aren’t top of the line

The Whisper series is amazingly quiet even with the PBA ammo. The scope is OK and will get the job done. You can always pick up a nicer scope later. Since ammo for all calibers is scarce these days an air rifle makes sense if nothing else but practice.

This shoots up to 1200fps. It’ll work fine. It will break the hide of deer (and people!), not enough to cause serious harm/tissue damage (unless you get really lucky (or unlucky, however you look at it)), but definitely enough to lodge in a deer’s rump and maybe cause a nasty infection… please be careful with it :smiley:

(I’m sure i’m making a mute point, but you never know…).

I received the Big-Cat 1250 for my birthday. It is a fun rifle, but is horribly inaccurate. The scope is mounted on the receiver, not the barrel. The barrel is used as a lever to set the spring and then returns to battery (in theory)after loading.

My barrel has a mind of it’s own about returning to battery. I have tried 7 different brands and styles of pellets, but groups always display vertical stringing on the order of 6 to 8 inches at 20yds. This is a powerful rifle, but hitting something with it is a matter of random chance, even when the shooter does his part. My $40 Crossman pump up pistol shoots better groups.

Do be careful though, this rifle is fully capable of killing small game. They aren’t just using lawyer speak when they say it isn’t a toy.

I couldn’t ship it to my house in MI due to laws I’m not sure exist, so I tried to ship it to my house in NC. I got nothing but “server issues” and credit card verification denial. I went over to amazon and ordered one just fine.

I have the 1250 Big Cat and the scope is terrible. I couldn’t hit anything with the original scope. I had another low end scope laying around that I put on it and the accuracy went way up. I can easily hit half dollar sized groups at 30 yards and tin cans all day at 50-70 yards.

Also some pellets are terribly inaccurate. I have some Daisy pointed tip pellets that I can’t hit paper plates at 30 yards with. The Gammo match points seemed to be the best. The Gammo PBA pellets are also terrible for accuracy. So my advice, put a new scope on it (even if a cheaper one) and experiment with different brands of pellets till you find the ones it likes best.

I have a Gamo similar to the Silent Cat that I purchased from Cabelas a few years ago. Very happy with it. Similar fps numbers so I think it’s the same mechanism pushing the pellet. I use lead pellets because they are much quieter than the PBA. Pretty accurate too. But these will definitely go into the hide of a deer at least at close range. They go right through a Jersey squirrel and that’s about two inches of squirrel. “Or so I’ve been told”.

PA law says they cannot be used to hunt, so I am assuming woot restricts shipping to PA in general since the rifle is meant to be used for hunting small game. They probably want to stay away from selling hunting rifles where it is illegal to use a hunting rifle powered by air.

PA law states basically that hunting cannot be done unless the projectile is propelled by gun powered. Gas/chemical/air propelling is illegal in PA for hunting.

As far as you know, are the scopes included with the rifle? The write-up is confusing on this point.

The shock of the air rifle being fired won’t knock the scopes out of adjustment but they are usually very cheap scopes and pellets can be inaccurate due to the way they are manufactured.