Gamo Refurbished Air Rifles

I bought one of the Silent Cats the last go around and it has been AWESOME! It surprised me when it shot through half an inch of plywood. This is an inexpensive, fairly accurate, and fun air rifle. I’d recommend it.

And just think about how useful this would be if you were trapped in an apocalyptic situation :wink:

Already have a nice .177. I am looking for Woot to bring back another .22 offering.

Any chance Woot would ever offer real firearms? or deals with sites that have the credentialing to retail them?

Wow, that article was convincing. I may have to get one of these now.

once again woot has an incorrect list of zipcodes that are restricted. Customer service ignores my questions … so once again i cant get anything :confused:

Yeah, they have 376xx listed as restricted. Even though I can go to my local Walmart or Dick’s Sporting Goods and buy one. Heck, even Amazon sells them and ships to my address. Get your crap together Woot! You’re the same damn company.

Got the Bone Collector last time, hoping it wouldn’t be all that loud and have the neighbors freak that I’m taking out their cats; ERROR!

How subjectively loud is your Silent Cat?

It’s far from silent. Sounds pretty much like a 22.

Here’s a video of some random kid shooting it a few times.

Keep in mind if you don’t get a Nitro or IGT (Gas) piston you will have to teach yourself a new way of holding the rifle–artillery.

Do I need a license for this? I am in WA. Thanks

Bit delayed on this, I know, but just in case this comes up again: we compile the list of restrictions from a variety of sources and tend to err on the side of caution. The best thing to do is check with your local authorities for the most current regulations.

Sorry about that!