Gamo Refurbished Airguns

Ready, aim, fire away at comparing these models! (But do try to stay on target.)

These are all pretty much the same gun in different configurations, except the Recon.
The Recon is the most youth friendly version of the bunch, with its smaller stock size and lighter cocking effort.

I got the silent cat about 4 months ago to deal with excessive varmints. Zeroes like a champ, even dropped the thing on bricks (unloaded) and the sight was still zeroed perfectly. Much fewer critters. Silencer works well enough but I recommend a slower pellet when trying to achieve desired incognitus

Since I am not entirely familiar with the lingo, what exactly does single shot mean?

Is this like a BB gun with a reservoir of ammo, you cock it and fire one shot, then cock and fire another? Or is it an: open the breech, place a pellet, close the breech, cock, fire, then start again?


/edit/ OK, for the record, I used the right word, the magical monkeys changed it to “jock”.

Most pellet guns are single shot where you shoot, open the gun, reload, close and shoot, repeat.

This is mainly due to the fact that pellet ammo is irregularly shaped and cannot “feed” like a round BB can.

There are a very few models that will “repeat” where you have a clip of sorts that will supply ammo to the chamber either manually or automatically.

Assuming it doesn’t sell out, any chance of knowing how long this category will stay up? Would be more convenient to put one on next months card since I had a large purchase on this cycle already.

From the category page: Ends on September 20 at 9AM CT

Just as a point of interest, the Rocket pellet gun has a higher muzzle velocity than my 12 ga double-ought rounds. You can really do some damage with these things on varmints and small game (including the neighbor’s dog that constantly takes a dump on your lawn). However, why the muzzle break to load and cock? I HATE those. Can’t Gamo get some decent bolt-action, variable pump models made? It’s not like it’s a new concept. It’s what my dad was brought up on as a kid, and what he taught me on.

On the other hand, I’m left wondering if I can by the Recon model, strip it and use the molded stock for my .22. It’d be a helluva lot cheaper than buying a custom stock! :oD

How are these guns refurbished? Are these just returns from previous woot sales since they’ve been on sale before?

The silent cat is only $20 more for a new one on Amazon ($20 because $129 + 5 shipping = $135).

If it’s manufacturer refurbished it makes sense since they probably fixed an issue, but can you tell me more about this refurbished guns mr/ms. woot bot? :slight_smile:

I’m surprised that California isn’t on the list of being unable to ship to.

We don’t refurbish product. If it’s refurbished it’s by the manufacturer or their designated 3rd party vendor.

While these are great air rifles, I really don’t see the point of this deal. You’re barely saving $10 on most of these buying refurb vs a new one with warranty. In fact, you can buy the Rocket brand new/shipped for a couple bucks less (on pyramydair) than what is offered on here for the refurb.

Why do so many of these “events” fall so short of being anything worthwhile…

A bunch of the prohibited zip codes are California, specifically the SF Bay Area.

The Big Cat 1250 is on Amazon for $104.70 free shipping. looks like the same gun as the 1200 except its 50fps faster with the PBA platinum?

Comparing them on the Gamo website it looks like almost no difference.

Forget the neighbor’s dog. It is his cat that crawls over my cars almost nightly that needs some attention. Spoke to him but that did no good. I think this just may be the answer and a permanent one. lol

Nm, color me stupid. Don’t use woot a ton so kinda skipped over it. (Still used to when it was only one item a day period.)

Agree - woot should be ashamed - where is the deal?

Ashamed? Ward, don’t you think you’re being a little hard on the Woot?

Refurb airguns are returns from their retailers. Depending on the the retailers return policy, it could be defective, a little nick in the finish, too much gun for little johnny or they just didn’t flat out like it. Once it’s sold and returned, it can only be sold as a refurb, regardless of how much refurbing was needed.
I bought a Big Cat 1200 refurb, and you couldn’t tell from a new one.