Gamo Refurbished Airguns

As usual - woot alienates a good majority of their NY clientelle because they can’t seem to disassociate NYC with the rest of the state where all of the things they sell are perfectly legal.


Can anyone here tell me how the sound report is compared to subsonic .22 round(not the standard the subsonic)?

Why not Michigan? That’s sad.
If the answer is Detroit or Flint, they wouldn’t be interested in an air rifle. They have enough real guns.

A little bit quieter. About the same as an air framing nailer, from a person standing off to the side of a shooter. It will seem louder to the shooter, because of the spring release mechanical vibrations transfering thru the cheek weld. My neighbor could tell when I was shooting my Big Cat from 60ft away, by the gun sound, and not the target contact alone.

Kalifornia isn’t listed, but some of its ZIP codes are blocked - which is nonsense, e.g., Redding, CA is included, but there aren’t laws or local ordinances prohibiting the sale or receipt through the mail of this item.
Thanks, Woot, for pre-banning something that isn’t banned.

Damn, I should have done my research first. I just trusted that Woot wouldn’t screw me and pulled the trigger yesterday (pun intended). Today I checked against Amazon (Woot’s parent company) and found the exact same model, new, for $15 less!? And now it’s too late to cancel the order. Great.

Obviously it’s my fault, but I’m pretty disappointed in Woot for steering me wrong on this one.

I understand the pain of many of you that are not even allowed to have an air rifle shipped to you. Heck, in many of your areas some pocket knives are also blocked. Expect this as the law of the land as long as we, that is right all of us, continue to return to our municipal, state and federal government bodies those that continue to dictate these laws that have proven over and over again, DO NOT WORK! New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, to name just a few have some of the most stringent weapon laws, including pocket knives, bows and air rifles, along with firearms in our nation. However, they continue to lead our nation in violent crimes and especially those involving what?, a weapon! A moron should easily surmise, those laws have done nothing to curb violence but they sure keep you from getting an air rifle! Then take California. Or as Henny Youngman would have said, PLEASE! How does a kid get a Red Ryder BB gun there?

These people that take away your rights do not put themselves in office. WE DO! So, if you really and truly don’t like it, TAKE THEM OUT WITH YOUR VOTE! If you like it as is, KEEP THEM IN WITH YOUR VOTE! It will now be interesting to see if WOOT deletes this message.

These are just like the Pneumo’s in Battlestar Gallatica. They won’t take down a Cylon…don’t even try.