Gamo Varmint Stalker Deluxe Air Rifle

I have a very similar Gamo air rifle I bought this spring at Cabelas. It shoots fast enough. It’s accuracy is questionable, however. The trigger pull on mine is balky. The included GAMO scope is pure crap and I had to replace it immediately. Still, it all worked well enough to knock a varmint out of a tree that was trying to get into the squirrel’s nest.

Mother-in-laws are varmints, ain’t they?

The varment hunter I bought from woot a couple months ago is pretty awesome! Very powerful.

Air is for sissies.

Dang it woot, I have been waiting for one of these to be listed again, but now you won’t ship to Massachusetts? What happened?

Shhhh be vewy vewy quiet, I’m huntin’ wabbits

“Pigeon’s days are numbered”…

Varmint lovin’ lawmakers and their laws.

Please come to my neighborhood, there are entirely toooooooooo many of the dang blasted things. Unfortunately I can’t WOOT one of these to deal with them.

You’ll shoot yer eye out!

Mother-in-laws, no.

Mothers-in-law, most likely.

Can’t figure it out, “in-laws” is correct, but “mother-in-laws” isn’t.

Seriously, what kind of air source does this have? Pump, recoil, or cartridge? I’d prefer a pump, given the choice.


I have the older Whisper, it is very accurate, andthe included scope was fine once it was set properly. It’s not zeroed out of the box.

And yet Woot’s parent company has no qualms about shipping this via prime to my house. I am not aware of any laws passed since these were on moofi and sellout prohibiting their shipping into my fine state. I still don’t understand, but oh well.

Gamos are springers.

Last i knew, MA still required an FID card for airguns.

As with the previous GAMO rifle up last week:

I would really like to see woot’s justification for not shipping to this set of area codes. Can anyone get back to me on this?

So tempted to get one, for no reason other than it looks cool. Might be fun for target shooting in the backyard. Looks like Minnesota laws require a hunting permit.

If I’m not mistaken, those are all within NYC’s borders, and air rifles are VERY illegal here.

(I live in the 10301.)