Gamo Varmint Stalker Deluxe Air Rifle

Break action, it pivots at the front of the stock. Real easy to use, single break cocks the whole thing. Pretty hard to stay on target while breaking your rifle in half though. :slight_smile:
I have a very similar GAMO, and love it. I use it nab varmits up to jack rabbits regularly.

/Can’t keep Lucky Charms around here to save my life.

Check your local laws. Even while some states may allow online purchase or shipping, some local jurisdictions can enact laws that restrict it.

[youtube=YjwW83z_eKo] [/youtube]

Did someone ask for a youtube video demo? no? rats.

Probably has your answer.

eta: any other restricted state will have similar sites.

The Varmint Hunter they had on here last time received some comments about how loud it was. This deluxe stalker has the Bull Whisper barrel. Can anyone comment on how loud this gun is? These things are illegal to shoot in my city limits but my varmints are in my yard and I have no desire to go elsewhere and shoot varmints.

“Here’s some facts” (in the product description) means “Here is some facts,” which is incorrect. “Here are some facts” is the correct way to put it.

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OK, I’m passin’.

I’d REALLY like a pump, though. Preferrably .22, too.


You are correct except that our write-ups use a casual conversational style of writing. It’s not uncommon for someone to say “Here’s some facts.”

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These grammar police persons can drop by all they want to pick up on stuff and what-not, but every good 21st century lawyer knows that texting and wooting are both totally outside the jurisdiction of the grammar police. And the Spellin police can go home too. There are really nuttin to see here. :slight_smile:

It pairs well with coors lite, a lawn chair and good company.

You can’t knock this for being an air rifle… and at $130 it’s a freakin steal.

You can easily spend double that for a .22 that will shoot the same FPS (or less!)… You honestly might as well buy one of these. The money you save against a .22 you can spend on a nice scope and a hefty amount of nice pellets. Great for backyard varmint and plinking targets on boring summer days.

used to live there… Massachusetts (along with several other states) consider it a firearm, and will not ship them to anyone other than an FFL holder, dealer, manufacturer, or wholesaler. This also includes crossbows, slingshots, wrist rockets, blowguns, and some high power paintball setups… bottom line, Massachusetts hates you

I live in Virginia. As of July 1, I can walk out of a store with any number of these! All that I can pay for. Because we here in Virginia need to consume a minimum 3 servings of gun a day.

Thought that as well but it’s not true if you are an adult. I assume there are restrictions on buying on line.

A: An FID Card is not required to possess an air gun in Massachusetts. Air guns are regulated by M.G.L. c. 269, §12B which limits their use by minors who are not accompanied by an adult, holding a sporting or hunting license, or holding a permit from the chief of police. Massachusetts law also prohibits anyone from discharging air rifles from across streets, alleys, public ways or railroads or railway right of ways. It should also be noted that an FID Card or an LTC are not required to purchase an air gun or ammunition. As such, the state FA10 form should not be used to record the sale of such air guns.

Help a Pellet Gun ignoramus please. Would this be sufficient for killing snakes? I have a snake problem this year, and I’m not allowed to fire my hand guns inside the city limits. However, I’m pretty sure I can shoot this sucker in my backyard all day long, so if it will help me with my reptile problem, I’ll be “N41”.

This seems, to me at least, like a waste and you’d be better off buying a .22 rifle. Especialy seeing as I picked up a Remington 597 with a included 9x32 scope (the scope is really good) for $200 recently.

I can understand if you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying an actual firearm (or you can’t, or you’re avoiding firing within city limits) but a .22 with a scope would be easier to use and a heck of a lot more useful. .22 long ammo is cheap, accurate, and can be loaded into high capacity magazines. Those magazines save a lot of time and hassle when you’re trying to site the scope in at the range or out in the field. Who wants to keep reloading when you’re trying to catch dinner or stop a destructive animal? (go google bmf activator for even more fun!)

As for the hunting license, I believe most states require then unless you’re defending your crops against pests.

I have a similar model … steep learning curve to gain accuracy … avoid the light weight high velocity ammo… use the lead Crossman in 10 grain weight … also you need to use the “artillery” grip or accuracy suffers (look it up on you tube) last the scope does suck and there are no iron sights … if you upgrade the scope be SURE you get one for airguns … the recoil is different as it is bi-directional (hence the need for the artillery grip) and normal scopes will break down after a while unless made for airguns

OMG GUNZ this has got to be illegal!


so killing varmint is a sport?

I can’t say that I’ve seen many stuffed varmint on peoples walls.

maybe woot should put this up on