Gamo Varmint Stalker Deluxe Air Rifle

I’m sorry to say I have seen stuffed varmint on people walls, and mantles and shelves. Gross.

Too bad this is now. I’m broke. My Daisy BB gun won’t sight in for me anymore. I could have used this.

Don’t shoot 'em, you’ll just make 'em mad.

if you can get close enough to accurately put one in the head, it’ll do. we had a snake problem at our lake house, but they kept hiding before we could get close enough with a pellet gun so we went with a .410 shotgun eventually

You shoot Jack Rabbits? Dang. Hardly see them around here anymore.
As a kid we used to try to run them down with a motorcycle. Completely unsuccessfully, though. Even when I moved up from the Honda 70 to a Kawasaki 175.

Can this gun also shoot standard BBs?

You always could. The one a month law that was just repealed only applied to handguns, and only if you didn’t have a carry permit.

I’m glad you ship to NY at all now, the last time you had a non-pink Gamo you wouldn’t. The previous poster is correct, these are GTG in Nassau County. Alas, many online vendors now treat Nassau as if it’s a part of NYC when it comes to such hardware.


Or you could just go get a live trap for 40 bucks and let them go out in the woods which is a heck of a lot cheaper than an air gun and a ticket. Or worse depending on how they phrased the law.

I thought of my mother-in-law too, but only because she lives in Florida. Was thinking of having it sent to her, then she could send it to me up here in the “Best” state (thanks for the NJ props Woot!)

It looks as if my area code is off limits (94XXX), but it was ok with the pink one the other day…I really want this one, dagnabbit…

Air rifles are legal here, must be shipping laws?

“They” say that that is far more cruel than killing it. You take an animal out of its home and drop it someplace that it has no food and no shelter and it knows nothing about its environment it’s most likely going to die.


These appear to be some very well reviewed ammo for this rifle. Prime shipping to boot!

You will lose some velocity due to the lack of PBA and hollow-point head, but a mushrooming pellet and large exit hole should take care of any game.

Is this powerful enough to take down a jackalope? Those suckers keep eating all my tomacco!

Seriously… recoil on an air rifle?

Feeling so much love for my state right now. I can go to wal-mart and walk out with an assault rifle in under ten minutes and any child can buy an air rifle. OH SAY CAN YOU SEE BY THE DAWNS EARLY LIGHT?

I had bought a different brand about a year ago but had looked at this one.

Owners posting about the “whisper barrel” were not impressed. Every person commenting about that stated it was as loud as any other pellet gun.

Because of that I went with a different brand at about 1/2 the price.

That said though, this is a steal for this gun and it is a popular well made brand. I would pick this up in a minute if I was still in the market.

It’s about as loud as a .22. If you plan on shooting it in a neighborhood setting after more than 1 or 2 shots with it the cops will be knocking at your door so get out your air powered nail gun for a cover story.

i purchased the one on Sellout Woot about a month ago because I had Squirrels in my roof. I found out they are very territorial, so the ones in my yard were the ones living in my house. 7 dead squirrels later - no more squirrel problem. Much cheaper and more fun than a pest control service. The scope is right on, but the laser is hard to get sighted properly. I’d wait and see if the other one from Gammo comes back. It’s a great weapon for it’s purpose.

Came to post this, saw that I was beaten, now wondering why it’s not flagged as a QP…