Gamo Varmint Stalker Deluxe Air Rifle

What sort of ammo can I use with this? Is it very expensive? (platinum???)

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of Illinois where air rifles/cross bows and stun guns are all considered firearms.

do what we did and vote with your feet…move to a better state;-)

Since I live in Texas, I have a job and I’m not home in the daytime. Since the note says “adult signature required” does that mean I’ll have to go to the local UPS (or other) shipping facility to pick this up when they come to deliver it and I’m not home?

You can use any type of .177 cal. pellet,you will just get different muzzle speeds. I have this Gamo rifle but I don’t think it has the noise suppressing barrel, a PBA pellet will go supersonic and crack like a .22.

The stats say “Any .177 Pellet”. Any material will function in this gun with that pellet caliber.

“Pellets” at Wallyworld


An object that “dampens” is not always a “dampener”.


The effectiveness of a projectile is not solely impacted (pun fully intended) by velocity. Rather it depends on both mass and velocity. Platinum is less dense than Lead. Thus, the air rifle can impart a greater velocity to the Platinum pellet than the Lead pellet. However, the energy delivered on impact will be similar.
Thus, I would not be wowed by the “30% faster than conventional lead pellets” thing.

I am impressed that it has an overall projectile velocity over 1000f/s. Thats more than enough to put out some varmints.

I have a similar gun as the Previously mentioned $80 one from Wally World. It does not have any silencing mechanism or fancy butt pad.

I have exposed my nerdiness far to much. I will stop now.

J. Bang

If its moving through the air at several hundred feet per second on a ballistic trajectory and is made of lead… its a bullet homie.

But yes, this would make an EXCELLENT trainer, provided you had the place to shoot it.

I have a 10 & 12 year old (no, not in the same body) a could they physically handle pumping and recoil on this thing?

Aw, man…
Massachusetts won’t let us have ANY fun.

The next town over from me won’t even let stores sell bottled water anymore.
(It’s the bottles they have a problem with, but still…)

Unfortunately Im’ a resident of the CommieWealth of Massachusetts…gripe gripe gripe…

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Same thing here with the 18501-19388 restriction. I live in PA, it’s perfectly legal to own this thing anywhere outside of Philly, as far as I’m aware. What’s with the restricted zip codes? Is it because I live near Philly?

Every time I see an air gun on Woot, I get all excited, and then remember their stupid shipping restrictions.

I moved from California to Texas 13 years ago. I desperately miss the mountains, but won’t even entertain the thought of going back. I was giddy after the first six months when I saw how much more money I had in the bank after not having to over spend on everything. No state tax, but property taxes are higher. It means most of your tax dollars stay in your county instead of filtering it through some place like Sacramento.

Hahahaha. You’re mot alone.

This is an extremely heavy rifle and has a bit of a kick. I was surprised by the weight compared to our Daisy BB/Pellet. The breach loading/pumping is pretty stiff and would probably require them to rest the butt of the rifle on the ground.

yeah, last time this deal was around, i was living in philly…woot charged me and a week later said that they can’t ship to here even though they didn’t list philly as one of the restricted areas…their reason was that if an area in any part of the state is restricted, the whole state is restricted? which i found retarded, oh well

Ok, I am seriously confused now. Woot can not just sell hunting gear, but actual guns, and we cannot posts deals for guns? What am I missing?

Its an air gun, so no recoil really anyway, and they will have no problem pumping it.

“Please Note: Gamo airguns are not toys and are recommended for use by those 16 years of age or older. Adult supervision is required. Misuse or careless use may cause serious injury. Do not brandish or display your airgun in public. It may confuse people and it may be a crime. Police and others may think an airgun is a firearm. Do not change the coloration or markings to make it look more like a firearm. Buyer and user should conform to all laws governing the use and ownership of their airgun. The person handling the airgun and anyone nearby should always wear protective eyewear. Read all instructions before using. Always use care and shoot safely.”

Translation: “Dont be an teacher’s pet”.

For a first gun you can pick up a nice single shot .22 for around $120. Even comes with a pink, blue, or “camo” stock.

I could make several arguments that it would even be safer than this gun since it is a single shot, and it’s a “real” gun and no one will mistake it for a toy with real bullets in it.

My 5 year old has shot my .22 and she got a kick out of it. Since she’s starting on the real thing there won’t be any bad habits learned about safety. High powered air rifle or not, it’s not as dangerous as the genuine article, I doubt if it will shoot through walls, or even windows.

For squirrels and flying rats this would be better, you miss with a .22 in your semi suburban back yard and you’re hitting something pretty hard. Missing with this seems a lot safer.

As a back yard plinker, it’s ideal. Learn on a real gun at the range and then work on technique with this, maybe.

Used to be you could paint a fake gun pink or orange or something and people would know it’s fake… too many new guns coming out in designer colors.