Gamo Whisper G2 Air Rifle .22 & Scope

on clearance at Midway for 150.82 plus shipping, has a 4 star review.

Michigan law changes should now allow shipment.

Springer or nitro piston?

I would assume springer, unless they say otherwise. Not that it’s a huge deal, I’ve put thousands of rounds through my Crosman Phantom springer with no noticeable changes in power. Just don’t keep em cocked overnight or anything; keeping it cocked for half an hour while you pursue your prey isn’t gonna hurt it.
That said, any of these rifles will require an extra $40+ for a decent scope, unless you intend to use the iron sights. Most of the scopes that come with these rifles (regardless of brand) are pretty low quality. Investing a bit of money on a good scope can turn these “low-end” springers into absolute tack drivers. Just make sure that the scope is rated for air rifles! Most regular rifle scopes aren’t meant to withstand the back-and-forth vibrations characteristic of air rifle recoil.