Gamo Whisper G2 Air Rifle .22 & Scope



Got one of these the last time around (still about $100 off of the price on the Gamo website!) and no regrets so far.

It blasts a .22 pellet with impressive velocity (pellets NOT included.) The fiber optic dot-sights on the front post and rear blade work wonderfully, they appear to be internally illuminated, but use nothing but ambient light. No matter how dim it is, they always appear to be brighter than the surroundings (unless it’s completely dark out, of course.)

Cocking is pretty easy (for me, at least,) and the single-stroke is SO much better than the old 10-pump type.

The trigger on this is much improved over the last Gamo I’ve fired (an older .177 variety, with LOTS of creep and a “surprise!” break point,) I no longer have to guess exactly when the rifle will discharge.

The recoil is a bit surprising for an air-rifle (no doubt due to the mass of the spring in motion,) I’d equate it to roughly that of a .22LR (possibly even higher.) It is in no way punishing, but it may startle you at first until you become accustomed.

The suppressor seems to work quite well; of course there is still sound, but what I seem to hear most is from the spring within, not much at all from the muzzle, which is great.

I just mounted the scope after trying the open sights for awhile, but I haven’t had time to sight it in or give it a workout, I’m hoping it will perform adequately.

All in all, I’d give this Gamo G2 a 4.5 out of 5 stars, pretty happy with it.


$100 more from Gamo:


I concur, I bought one retail off Amazon and my son and I put hundreds of pellets through it in a matter of a couple of days. Even out in the country it’s a lot more of a neighbor pleaser since they’re likely to not even hear it. I wish I had a purpose for any of the other pellet guns on here right now, but I also suggest the G2.