Garage in a Box - 2 Ton Six Piece Combo Kit

Out of what material is the Jack made? Is it solid steel? Also, how much does the jack weigh?

Vendor confirms the entire jack is solid steel and it weighs about 20 lbs. Hope that helps!

What is the maximum jack height?

These are pretty much the same as Harbor Frieght’s economy line jack and stands this works out as a great deal unless you want to make multipule purchases using their 20% off coupons; check out the links below for more stats.

Bought separately:
92.96 +tax
72.37 w/20% off coupons +tax

Jack - 29.99

Jack stands - 24.99 (19.99) on sale w/flyer coupon in store

Comparable creepers - 29.99:

Wheel Chocks 7.99