Garage in a Box - 2 Ton Six Piece Combo Kit

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Garage in a Box - 2 Ton Six Piece Combo Kit
Price: $59.99
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Decent kit, but it doesn’t tell you how much lift (in inches) the jack provides. That’s kinda important.

Lift Range 7-1/8 .in To 13-5/8 .in according to this site.

By way of reference, I have a jack that has a 13" maximum lift, and that one doesn’t get my CR-V nor my Minivan off the ground.

This set is sized for go-karts or something small. It is literally a miniature version of what you might think you are getting (look closely at the photos)

This is confirmed. Thanks for the help!

2/3 ton stands are like $30-40 from Harbor Freight, and their relatively good jacks go for around $80 I think. Worth the extra cash to have a jack that can actually go to 18-20" and stands that won’t break with you under the car. The dolly thing is worthless, expect to get the living %^#$ pinched out of your hands at the seams, the wheels to lock up and it will reduce the usable space under your car by at least 3". Use scrap cardboard/the box the other stuff came in instead, it also has the advantage of soaking up leaks.

Also, the rating on jack stands is per pair (4,000 lbs), the pictures have them holding up a BMW X5, which is about 5,000 lbs. Even with the front wheels on the ground, that’s a bad idea.