Garage Sale

Just a heads up, the FILA dress shirts ran a little small on me. I am normally a M in several brands but a M FILA performance dress shirt is small on me.

The Puma undershirt (3-Pack) say Crewneck or V-Neck available.

Can you not pick which you prefer or are you stuck getting whatever?

I can’t get them to go into my cart. I was going to take either one, but it apparently doesn’t want me to buy them.

Same here. Cannot add to my cart either.

I’m so sorry I missed this earlier- I’m having them check on it, we should be able to get that fixed pretty soon.

EDIT: FYI- looks to be fixed now, apologies.

It’s fixed! :slight_smile:

The Fila Sweatshirts - at $9.99, they’re about $9.98 too much. Mine pilled the FIRST time I wore it. Then when I wanted to return them because they’re obvious junk, Woot said I can’t because they’re not defective. Total rip off. Save your money.