Gård Columbia Valley Syrah (3)

Gård Columbia Valley Syrah 3-Pack
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2010 Syrah, Columbia Valley, Lawrence Vineyards

Uh… again?


Maybe the ardente deal will come back as well then!! Lol

Yeah I’d love to have another chance at the Ty Caton again - I was away when they offered it on Friday and was kicking myself for missing it.

How can there be 100% left on the Woot-O-Meter if someone has bought some?

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Has anyone seen the flying monkey yet?

Hi folks! It’s Lisa here from Gard. In case you’re interested, here’s the spec sheet on the Syrah. I’ll be around for a bit in case you have any questions. http://www.gardvintners.com/2010_Syrah.pdf

Welcome back Lisa. I’ve only had your whites so far.
100% new French Oak. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

This should appeal to those who like big, bold reds. Smoky, spicy and hot with abundant fruit and lots of oak from the new French barrel cooperage. Notes based on wine description and CT reviews for previous vintages - I have not tried this wine personally.

I generally do enjoy the big reds coming out of Columbia Valley these days but this one seems like it may be a little over the top for my palate.

EDIT: CT link

Thanks. Excited to bring a red to Woot, especially our estate Syrah. To tell you a bit more about the “100% new French oak” -> Tonnellerie Sylvain puncheons actually; medium toast+, tight grain.

Yes, this is a big, bold red. For those who are fans of a big red wine, you’ll probably love this one. 100% oak effect is tempered due to the puncheons (vs. smaller barrels).

Thanks for saying hello!

What would you pair this with ideally?

It pairs nicely with smoked meat, and I also really like it with lamb (think grilled lamb chops).

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

Thanks - and I thought I had another hour… Please come back to woot sometime!