Gard Mixed White Case

Gard Mixed White Case
$114.99 $203.00 43% off List Price
2012 Pinot Gris, Columbia Valley
2012 Freyja White Blend, Columbia Valley
2012 Riesling, Columbia Valley
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There were some folks on here the other day complaining about the lack of pinot gris/pinot grigio options. Maybe this offer will wet their whistles?

Who ever was complaining about lack of PG recently, here you go!

All three wines look tasty. Acid numbers look good, I’m surprised the alc. is in the 14’s though. If I were buying I’d be tempted to split these.

These Gard offerings are the best deal for preemptive summer white buying! In for 2!

I bought this mixed white case last time, and I was a huge fan of all three wines. I even stopped by their tasting room when I traveled to Washington two summers ago. High quality to value ratio, particularly at this price.

Good morning everyone, Gård winery rep checking in here. Thanks for taking the time to check out 2012 white wine offering today, I’m around to answer any questions you may have about the offering, any of our wines, our winery, or winemaker. Okay, I’m off to pick up my set of Pyrex 18-piece storage set, you can never have too many of those things. Thanks again.

The PG and blend look dry, how about the reisling? How does 1.4 g/L RS translate to a percentage RS?

I’m fairly certain that 1.4 g/l RS is the same thing as .014% RS.

Yes, all these wines are considered dry according to standards set by the International Riesling Foundation. 1.4 g/L translates to .14% RS. The ‘dry’ rating is derived from a RS to acid balance of the wine.

I tried to order this but the order didn’t go through b/c I live in Massachusetts.


How do I inform the powers that be at winewoot!??


Hi jerrysamet, you are right! MA has come to their senses and now allows direct wine shipments to the state and we could not be more excited! Now comes the bad news, they still require a $300 direct shipper’s license (a license in which we are in the process of obtaining), but as of today, we still do not have permission to ship to Massachusetts. Shoot me an email {} so I can get your contact information and I’ll be happy to inform you of when the powers to be will allow us to ship to your great state.

Thanks, that’s what I thought.

Hello. We have been all over this like a cheap suit. The good news is the permit cost and process is not terribly onerous for MA (unlike some states. yes, i’m talking to you CT). So we are expecting really solid winery participation.

There still needs to be some vetting internally so stay tuned.

Any idea on the shipping date… I’d like to get this, but I need it in my hands by Jan 20.

… and no, I don’t want to pay expedited shipping/handling. Thanks!

TT or someone on staff can respond, but in my experience, I wouldn’t bank on getting something in only 15 days.

Almost pulled the trigger, and then thought better based on past experience. Guess I’ll wait for the next time this comes up for Woot-off.

“woottoady” - thanks for your interest, we (the winery) plan on shipping these Monday, Jan. 12 if not sooner. Hope that helps. If you want to email me ( your address & state, I can give you a better estimate of the date on which it will arrive. Thanks.

So why can’t this ship to Maryland? I’ve bought lots of wine on Woot. Is it a new year technicality or did our crap state actually go backward?