Gard Vintners Columbia Valley Malbec (3)

Gård Vintners Columbia Valley Malbec 3-Pack
$54.99 $108.00 49% off List Price
2013 Malbec, Lawrence Vineyards, Columbia Valley

No Illinois, or even Indiana. Only 16 states and D.C. on the ship to list. Really.

Keep thinking I may get back on the bus but another 3 state shutout for me

Over two thirds of the states are excluded from this deal. You’d think the marketing brain trust at Amazon would figure this out and select wines that more of us could buy. And while I’m soap-boxing, offer better wines!

I haven’t tasted this particular wine, but was REALLY impressed with Gard’s wines when I went to the tasting room two years ago. If my state were on the list, I’d be buying.

I bought the Columbia Valley Red Blend last fall and again in Janary. In fact, we just opened a bottle last night. This is a great wine for the price. I haven’t had the Malbec, but I’m in for one.

Hello friends! Lisa Lawrence here from Gard Vintners. I’ll be checking in all day if anyone has questions.

For starters, you can read more about this wine, rated 90 pts (Wine Spectator) at

Gard is family owned and operated, and our wines are all 100% estate grown sustainably in the Columbia Valley on the Royal Slope at Lawrence Vineyards. This wine comes from our Scarline vineyard:

And with regards to the shipping states, I truly wish we could reach more of you - as you’re probably already aware, shipping laws vary by state and require us to get a permit in each state, some are easier and more cost-effective than others for a small winery like ourselves. We’re working hard to continue to expand our reach though, and hope that if this offer didn’t work out for you future offers will.

Honestly, although inconvenient that we can’t reach all the states you’d like, I think it bodes well for Woot to represent the smaller wineries because that’s what’s great about wine.woot to me - boutique wineries offering killer deals on great wines that you might not already be aware of - due to that though, we have to live with limitations on shipping states at times. Consider it a trade off for great wine :slight_smile:

(Approved states for this offer: AZ, CA, CO, CT, DC, ID, MA, MN, MO, MT, NY, NC, ND, OR, TX, WA)


Come on guys…stop kvetching about the shipping states (I know, easy for me to say from CA). If all wines had to ship to all states we’d only get high production commercial drek. No Wellington, Scott Harvey, Twisted Oak, Gard, Ty Caton, Pedroncelli, and so on. It’s foolish to want otherwise. Instead of complaining to WD and the mothership, complain to your state legislatures who are being “influenced” that the three-tier distribution system is just and fair.


Awwww :slight_smile:
I’m just sad for the winery that the discussion is about shipping and not the wine!

So here’s one question…the alcohol is north of 15%. How does that work out in northern latitudes like Washington State?

Apologies for the error, this wine is 13.7% alc, rather than 15%+. 2013 was still a rather warm year for us though - you can see vintage notes for Washington if you scroll down the page at

Washington State has a wide range of microclimates. This vineyard is located in a relatively dry and warm area of Washington State. The northern latitude (~47-48 degrees N) provides longer sun exposure during the growing season. And the growing season heat profile (30-45 degree swings in daily temperature) also helps contribute to higher brix levels. If Washington State can make great Cabs, they most certainly can make great Malbec.

Totally get it, not b*tchin’, well maybe. As to your other point, I’ve written many a letter, but ain’t enough money in these poor pockets to put any influence on the three tiers here in IL.

One more state! You forgot to list Florida.

I’ve enjoyed previous offers from Gard, haven’t had the Malbec. On the fence…