Garden of Life Raw Meal Organic Meal Replacement

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Garden of Life Raw Meal Organic Meal Replacement
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Haven’t tried this flavor, but I had the chocolate, and it tasted horrible. Couldn’t even finish 1 glass, and threw it away.

Reviews over at The Vitamin Shoppe

Is this the new version or the old version? The photos show the old version (34g protein), but the write up states 40g of protein which is the new version. I prefer the old version and I hated the new version (less thick and less filling). Other people hated the old version because it was so thick. I just diluted it more and it was fine. When they came out with the new version I went to a bunch of stores to stock up with the old version. They switched versions around June/July 2015. My favorite flavor was Chai.

I totally agree about the chocolate (and vanilla) but the Chai is actually good. I don’t cringe when I drink it. It’s also not sandy like the others. The Chai is pretty good and Raw Meal is the best meal replacement I’ve found.

Amazon product page and reviews

I have been drinking the vanilla almost everyday for years. Not a fan of the chai myself though.

I picked one of these up last week as an exclusive deal for the mobile app and it was delivered today. Looking at the jug, it’s the old version per your criteria. 34g protein in two scoops.

Hope this helps.

I’ve had the chocolate and vanilla versions of this, but not the chai. Neither the vanilla nor the chocolate are delicious. And, as others have said, they’re very thick and clumpy. If you’re looking for a shake for dessert, this isn’t it. However, if you’re looking for a shake with all the nutrition for a meal replacement, that’s all vegan, this might be worth it. Mix in some frozen berries and blend it.

Soylent Green is people.

I could not believe this review.

I’ve tried the chocolate version - it’s absolutely disgusting on its own, but half drinkable if you blend it with milk and half a frozen banana.

Confirmed that this is the old version with 34g protein. Sale has been updated.

Well, the only reason this is so low on woot is because the brand is tarnished. I haven’t looked into in a while but there are a ton of negative reviews from 2014 early 2015 about it supposedly containing a high level of heavy metals.

Also, looking at some newer reviews, long time consumers are saying they changed the formula.

This stuff is nasty, way too thick and couldn’t finish one glass. From what I’ve seen chai is the only decent flavor and I almost puked when trying it. The nutrition is great but that’s if you can get and keep it down.

I bought the unflavored version of this stuff once, and it is the only time I have ever returned a food product to the health food store. It was revolting. Like drinking sandy water with algae floating on top. Be warned.

Tried it for the first time just now.

When y’all said thick, you weren’t kidding. I put it in my shaker and gave it a good couple of minutes of shaking, and in the time it took me to hit refresh on this page, it clumped up into one big… clod.

So, taking recommendations here, I added more water. So, then I was up to 12 ounces ice cold filtered water and one level scoop. After shaking a bit more to thin it out, I gave it a go.

It’s honestly not bad. I could hardly taste it. Of course, I just brushed my teeth with Sensodyne about 30 minutes ago, so maybe the lingering toothpaste taste is covering up the watered down shake taste.

Either way, it works. I just chugged it because I could hardly taste it. What I could taste, however faint, wasn’t bad.

I think I’ll do it in this order going forward. Wake up. Brush teeth. 12 oz cold filtered water from fridge. 1 level scoop. Shake for about 3 minutes. Chug. Follow with cup of hot coffee.

I feel healthier already…

The protein complex in this is awful. Mainly brown rice and some other grains…no egg/milk based or whey complex.