Garden of Life Raw Meal Organic Meal Replacement

I may never need to chew again!

I bought 3 of these in a previous woot. I really like this stuff, but people posted about how they preferred DQ Blizzards so the company reformulated it with loads of stevia. :confused: I do mix it with ~2oz unfiltered apple juice per scoop as a sweetener.
People also complained about how thick it would get, but i liked that aspect, think: “sandwich in a cup”. So i let it sit longer than the instructions indicate with more liquid per scoop, and then add a splash more liquid right before consimption (so that my blender ball is almost completely full).
I would stock up more but don’t want to be consuming it past the shelf life, which from the previous woot is May 2017.

So, I take it this is the old formula that they are trying to get rid of now that the new is hitting shelves?

Not sure about the formula, but this expires in 2017. I don’t know how long these are usually good for; so that may help decipher.

But if you’re familiar with both, you could compare the labels, too.

In the previous sale, this was the older formulation (34g protein), which I like better. However, this description shows 40g protein again, which was incorrect last time and fixed. Photos still show old formula.

I bought another one off this woot, and it arrived today.

It is the old formulation: 34g protein; 1.1kg total volume.