Garden of Life Raw Meal Organic Meal Replacement

Anybody ever tasted this stuff? One word: YECHYUCKYACK!

Not bad stuff . . . but it gets thick thick thick really quick. Bring a spoon!

Description saying 909 grams leads me to believe the sale is for the big jar. Second picture showing 14 or 7 servings is the little jar.

Which is it Woot?

Does this have Stevia? I hate all sweetners except real sugar. It says no sweetners but want to make sure.

I used to buy the non-flavored and it was ok. Are you saying this particular flavor is bad?

Odd, got to Amazon and I see they all have the weight at the bottom yet mysterously is gone from this lablel?? Hmmm…

I’m about 70% through one of these containers. Tbh, you’ll need to realize that this thing requires you to “acquire its taste.” The flavor is okay (better than bearable) if you do realize that it’s NOT supposed to be a gourmet meal. The flavor is not overbearingly strong. It’s more like a tiny “hint” of chai and slightly more vanilla-y. Keep in mind this is supposed to be either a meal supplement or meal replacement. After you get past that threshold you then realize how it’s pretty good at curbing your hunger. If you have a new year’s resolution to lose weight then this is pretty good at keeping you from overeating when you get hungry and keeping the calories down. You’ll probably see noticeable results in a few weeks. Just to remember to use it as labeled- either a meal supplement to get your body the nutrition it needs or to replace a meal completely to cut out calories. Hope woot is able to get the chocolate flavor next time!

It’s the big jar. The other photo is to show the ingredients.

I swear, when I first saw this with my blurry eyes, what I read was:

“Garden of Life mumble mumble Organic Meat Replacement”