garden variety coupon code?

I have my first shirt (yay) in the garden variety sale. Did anyone else receive a coupon code to buy a shirt? I emailed about it - is there another email address I should try? Thanks!

I’ll pass on your info to the shirt team as well. It might be Monday before you hear back though, so hang tight!

Well done hiphippo! Congrats on the print! They normally come through quite late in the sale period and you need to be quick on ordering them before the sale ends. I have a print in that sale and haven’t received a code yet as well.

Sorry! I sent this along to the shirt crew.

Sorry, my Mrs was logged in on my device, thought I was commenting as Transformingegg. Sale now finished and coupon didn’t come through :frowning:

Mike is working on them. Sorry for the delay.

The sale ended – when the coupons arrive, can we use them when the shirts are added back into the catalog?

Yep :slight_smile: I got mine and all sorted. Thanks Mike and the rest of the woot team for sorting that one out. Looking forward to the automated version of Mike in the pipeline! :slight_smile: