Gardening At Night

If only Pluto was still around to see this… sigh

Well, at least they let Pluto back into the party!

(I assume that’s Pluto at the very bottom, though it would seem to be out of order and lying on the ground?)

I like it, but I think the artwork ought to be much larger and centered…


LOL this one should sell pretty damn well with 1399 votes! It’s the star of this derby!!!

I hope the Cosmic Gardener does a better job of watering his plants than I do.

Wow…that’s one helluva beanstalk. Jack is going to freak when he gets to the top of this one…

Epic win, wowee! Congrats, Littleclyde!

What happened to the Great Red Spot on Jupiter?!

I’d keep all of the fruit to make pies, but I would give Uranus to my neighbors.

So if all the planets are on one bush… does that make our solar system a whole garden?

I award you the Dorkiest Comment Trophy, HAHAHA!

“water” twice a day with methane, benzene, ammonia & viscous rock

Oh, wow. I didn’t pay any attention to this week’s derby (I like to be surprised sometimes) so this is my first view of this. I LOVE it… but I look awful in side-print designs. I almost want to buy it and frame it…

Billy Mays Oxy-Cleaned it from the heavens. :}

This is the one that made me want to create an account :slight_smile:

Why, did Pluto disappear? It’s still there, ain’t it, only it’s not a planet or whatever.

Proactiv, it’s used by all the stars (and planets).

What’s the mnemonic now that Pluto isn’t a planet?

I’ve always want to Garden @ Night with a t-shirt that represents night gardeners.