Gardening4Less 55 Pack: Rock Garden Flower Bulb Mixed Collection

What zones will these grow in?

All zones.

From the vendor:

Product Zone
Pink Daffodil 2 to 8
Rock Garden Collection 4 to 9
Spring Flower Collection 2 to 8
Blue Flower Collection 3 to 8
Greenland Tulips 3 to 8
Pink Tulip/Daffodil Mix 2 to 8
45 Days Of Spring 3 to 8
Mixed Sorbet Tulips 2 to 9
Asiatic Lily Flowers 3 to 9
Purple Allium Bulbs 3 to 8
Giant Grape Hyacinth 3 to 9
Double Daffodil Flowers 2 to 9
Pink Tulip Flowers 2 to 8

This photo is totally unrelated to the flower bulbs being sold – different plants, different season, different heights, different colors, difference size for the garden coverage

So I got ge bulbs. Any guidance on how and when to plant and what works best?

I’m hoping you don’t mean GE lightbulbs. :meh:

Would put them in the ground right away-- here in the northeast the ground is already quite hard, was out trying to plant some today and it was challenging. Depth depends on the bulb so look them up at a gardening website! Some bulbs especially tulips like a little bulb fertilizer in the hole, especially if you want them to come again a second year.