Gargoyles Traction, Black/Green

Are these polarized lenses? Description indicates polarized lenses available.
To make this question more difficult, the description on Amazon for these glasses states polarized in the title and then says non-polarized in the description.
Is anyone monitoring this forum who can tell me if they are polarized?

Good question…Their official website does not seem to list them for sale anymore. I found a listing on overstock that shows this model as being polarized - so maybe yes?

Ima checking. Nobody is here yet.

//warbles All by myself…

Thank you. Good link to Overstock. I went ahead and ordered these glasses and hope they are polarized lenses.
I see you’re a long time Woot! member. So am I. The site isn’t what it used to be. I actually participated and bought more when it was a true one sale a day site. I entered the photoshop contest every week and really enjoyed the comraderie and funny stuff that came up each week. I now look at each day. Jason Toons works over there and he brings the funny and smart narratives. It’s a fun place to look at and I have bought several products from them.
Take care. Thanks again for the link.

Thanks T2. I ordered these glasses with hopes they are polarized. I’ll check back to see if you find any info. :slight_smile:

I’m on the fence about these…But for $20 they will make a good back up pair if nothing else.

Hey Woot, In the desc of the gargoyles “Polarized styles available”.
Oh yeah? Which ones?

Oh, I see - someone already asked this. Nevermind.