Garmin 5" GPS with Lifetime Maps & Traffic

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Garmin 5" GPS with Lifetime Maps & Traffic
Price: $95.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Dec 24 to Monday, Dec 29) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Since it will not arrive before Christmas, I figured I would check out some of the older Garmin Christmas commercials. Enjoy.

Knight and Squirrel with Mandolin -
Moose and Guy without Teeth -
Shopping Mall -
Nutcracker and Scary Clown -
Man in Small Van, Running Nun -
Coffee Shop -

I just picked up the 2598LMTHD at BuyDig for $109, I think they’re shipping it on a slow boat from China, but it’ll be here next week. Anyway: after comparing them on Garmin, seems like it’s a lot more feature-rich for a few dollars more.

I really want to get this, but then again I don’t need to use a GPS until spring so I suppose I could wait for another sale.

This one does have Voice Command, so I might have to snap one up… my 2460LMT is showing age-related decline and selective deafness, as well as erratic touchscreen behavior. A 1 year Garmin warranty is pretty good.

no voice command/activation is a deal breaker. got mine for 25 more and was well worth the money.

Then again it looks like I’ve only been using my 2460LMT since June 2012, and it seems like I shouldn’t have to be changing it out that soon…

Oh, Google, why won’t you just go ahead and start making (or partnering with a manufacturer to make) a dedicated GPS? Your mapping is always more current and you know a phone cannot really replace a fully featured car GPS.

This is the owner’s manual Garmin offers for this model, although it covers more than one. It does mention Voice Command.

And the Amazon page for that specific model does mention it in the Q&A and also the reviews.

I agree, no voice command is a dealbreaker, that’s why I passed on a more recent Garmin Woot. Another reason I wish Google would just make a dedicated car GPS. Their voice recognition is powered by witchcraft or something.

Sorry, you’re right… the specs listed here on Woot say voice command is not included in this model. I’ll stick with my old one for now.

I’ve actually not been using any of my dedicated GPS units since I’ve started using the “Waze” app on my phone with GPS, the real-time reporting of hazards and speed traps are something regular GPS units aren’t capable of, and I find it invaluable. Only drawback of it may be that it’s not that good for those with phones with limited data plans, as it gets this info through the cellular connection.

HD traffic (which this doesn’t have but the 2598lmthd does ) is 30sec update. The 2598 also has bluetooth and voice command. (Shrug)

That link shows a price of $119

I bought this woot, but now I see it for $105 and free shipping with Amazon prime with delivery in time for Christmas:

Oh woot, you are such a tease and that hurts. You said it WOULDN’T arrive in time for Christmas… And yet, it arrived on Christmas Eve. It is a bitter-sweet day.

Merry Christmas, woot!

Wow. Miracles can happen!

Merry Christmas!

Very fast and with a good smooth image, but Garmin should make a modified adapter for the mount so one can clip it on and off without having to plug/unplug the power supply.

That’s how it was on the older models.
Besides that this GPS is much more bulkier than the older ones.

Wake up Garmin, if we lived on the moon we might not need to hide the GPS under the seat so often, but …