Garmin Fitness Watch Heart-Rate Monitor

A few Reviews over at Walmart

23% of ratings are 1* on the mothership


  • buttons extremely hard to push
  • you can break your fingernails trying to change settings
  • user unfriendly interface
  • no instructions beyond basic settings
  • device does not last long

4:35 per mile at a heart rate of 122 bpm? Wow thats pretty impressive…if I buy this watch can I expect that sort of performance from my body?

A low end entry watch. Not many features but if you want something for heart rate only it would be okay. Realize it is not a wrist heart rate monitor either and does require a strap around your chest. The strap heart rates are more accurate but less convenient. To get pace/speed you need to buy a foot pod which are usually in the $30+ range.


Does this thing even have gps capabilities?

Ya know, I have yet to see a fitness band that didn’t have a review that said it broke quickly…

No. Distance for running/walking/jogging is done via a garmin foot pod (very small pod that attaches to your shoe) or speed sensor for the bike. It also can track your pedal cadence with a cadence sensor. It will sync up with practically any ANT+ device.

FWIW - I use a garmin foot pod and the accuracy is pretty good. Great for treadmill running.

I am an avid Garmin fan, and use their products for running, biking, car and motorcycle… I would not buy this watch. This is a watch released in 2011, when watches didn’t carry todays technology. Consider what you want this tool (watch) to do… Heart rate? Nope…not without the included chest strap. Pace, speed, all those other functions todays GPS running watches have… Nope. You can get some of that by buying a foot pod to strap onto your shoe. They talk about tracking weight and body mass… but be assured that you need to buy an additional smart scale. Oh, and the batteries… only last one year. Not rechargeable. Who should buy this watch??? In my opinion, an athlete who already has a compatible foot pod, and only trains in the gym where GPS is N/A, wants that super accurate heart rate info, and chooses not to have a more detailed, more functional, and way more expensive watch.

So it is Written, SO it will be done!

Does it tell time?