Garmin Forerunner 210 GPS Watch with HRM

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Does it have voice guidance or do I have to keep looking down for directions.

This guy actually does a pretty good review on athletic products.

Got one of these a couple years ago. No voice guidance, no maps of any sort. Compared to my Edge 500 bike computer, it seems to take FOREVER to lock onto my GPS signal (not sure it remembers where you last were to speed up the search process, but seriously takes 15+ minutes). To get around this I use a ANT+ foot pod while running to get pace data immediately.

Maybe the refurb fixes some signal issues?

Very thorough, thanks for the link.

This is an amazing deal. I have the 210 (no HRM) but bought one at this price as a backup.It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles and the display isn’t as configurable as I would like, but if you just want a gps for running, this is a great choice. The sync isn’t fast but it’s only a couple of minutes at most, not 15+ (I’m guessing if it takes that long, a hard reset or software upgrade is in order.)

Does this come with the data/charging clip? It only says that it comes with watch, AC charger, and heart rate monitor. You can’t upload data to computer w/out the clip.

Will this work for swimming?

The review seems to say the foot pod is included. But woot says not. Can someone clarify?

To which review are you referring? If you’re referring to my review, it’s written that he receives all equipment/items from the manufacturers in order to test the kits from a user’s standpoint - to be put under austere environments to prove what they claim on paper.

•Optional foot pod records indoor training

That being said is this still going to work on a treadmill at the gym. Just need it for heart rate. Don’t care about distance as the treadmill will tell me how far I walked

Sorry for the delayed response.

Yes, today’s offer DOES come with the clip.

Thank you for the inquiry!

Though the product is fantastic when it works, these will fail at around 1 year of regular use according to the Amazon reviews and feedback from Garmin. If you should take the plunge, be sure to make use of the 1 year Garmin warranty before it expires, or you’ll be left with an expired watch.

GPS watches aren’t for giving directions, but rather gathering data while exercising. You don’t get voice direction telling you where you are head, but rather post run/bike data of how far you traveled and at what speed. This isn’t designed to replace a Garmin navigation unit.

Does this have a bike mode? If so, what info will it give? TIA