Garmin Forerunner 405CX GPS Sports Watch



I have a garmin forerunner (I believe the 205) and it is an excellent watch for running. It frees you from the constraints of running a specific route. It’s also incredibly accurate and the battery life is long enough that I rarely charge it (60 miles+ per month during season).

That said, this watch is refurbished and only a $30 discount. Further, I’ve heard complaints regarding the bezel. Check out amazon for reviews:


The bezel-instead-of-buttons will drive you nuts. Battery life in winter is about 6.5 hrs. GPS is very accurate. Small enough to wear as a watch and not look like a PC on your forearm.

This is a very good price, refurbished or not. If you don’t want to spend $250+ for the new generation battery of the 310XT (something like 20 hrs), this is the one to get.


I disagree. The 405CX had a lot of bezel issues - sweaty hands couldn’t operate it well. It’s discontinued, and the 410 fixed the 405’s bezel problems and is the one to get instead of this one (if not wanting to go up to the newer models). This really isn’t even a good price at all for what it is, a refurb’d discontinued crappy model.


I run a lot and have the 405 (very similar to the 405CX). The bezel is really unresponsive and unusable. The backlight went out on mine very soon, but otherwise its worked in some capacity for 4 years now, so it is durable.

I would highly recommend reading the DC Rainmaker review here (if you can somehow read it before this item is gone):


That’s cool about the 410. Because yeah, the bezel, it will frustrate you. Esp. with gloves, or in the rain, or with sweaty hands. Even none of these it may manage to thwart you.

I haven’t tried them, but if you’re interested in a lower cost competitor, the Soleus brand watches are supposed to be quite good, and for only $110 or so. Maybe less. Not sure whether they have a heart rate monitor strap thingy.