Garmin Forerunner 920XT w/HRM

I have the 920XT, and it’s everything a triathlete could want. It’s probably overkill for a runner, though. But this is a good price for it. Here’s anything you could possibly want to know about it (my go-to source for endurance sports technology reviews):

Love mine. I have had it for a little under a year right now, and it is by far the best all in 1 watch I have. But it does sand bag me a bit on runs. Compared to my 310 and 910 it is always just a little bit behind.

Not to take away from this deal, just wanted to mention that Garmin has recently introduced a few new sports watches.

Most notable, the Forerunner 235 which incorporates an improved optical hear rate sensor built into the watch itself - not to mention the color display and some nice features.

Does it have voice guidance feature? I don’t want to keep looking at the watch when swimming whilst it is navigating me to the other side of the channel.

Alas - it doesn’t tell you where you’re going, only where you’ve been …

That said, time to upgrade from my 910! Great price for the 920.