Garmin GPS Flash

OK Google.
Navigate to someone who still uses a dedicated GPS.

Just kidding. I still use one on road trips. For nearby locations however my phone is just easier. No need to type in City > Type of search > Street > Number > Yes, that’s fine. > Yes, just go! > I’m sure!!! > I KNOW my map is old!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!

Has anyone received theirs yet? Or at least tracking?

Ten days and no activity - Woot service just blows you off with “wait some more” – time to cancel the order or stop payment?

We do ask that you give your order 5-8 business days. It’s past that now though so I’ve sent some emails to see what’s up with these orders.

UPDATE: Found out that they’ve shipped out yesterday and some today. There was a hitch in communication between us and the vendor. Sorry for the delay.

I sure hope there are more to be shipped. I ordered my on the 24th of September and it still shows not shipped!

It might just be that tracking hasn’t updated yet. Give it til Monday, and let us know if you still don’t see anything update.