Garmin nüvi 4.3" GPS with Lifetime Maps

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Garmin nuvi 4.3" GPS with Lifetime Maps
Price: $59.99
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I gave a Garmin GPS to my boss a few years ago. Since then he’s started using an iPhone, but just recently he was asking me to check my vehicle for his lost Garmin GPS. He apparently prefers the Garmin to the iPhone for GPS.

A GPS is only as the data and firmware within it. I would recommend running an update immediately upon receipt to make sure you have the most current maps and firmware “just in case”.

Even though I like using the GPS on my two year old S3 phone, I still prefer having a standalone GPS for those long road trips off the beaten path where I know that cell reception is absolutely nil such as CA-4 and CA-88 in the Sierra Nevada.

If you’re thinking of getting a GPS unit, this is probably the one to get at a pretty decent price. Garmin is still above the rest on the important stuff like quickly refiguring a new route if you missed the turn off. The updated maps feature is pretty cool.

Had a Gamin that served me well for several years. Still have it but usually use google maps/android these days.

One annoying thing with map updates. Since they get larger and larger over time, there came a time that the same range of maps (US, Cananda, Mexico) wouldn’t fit (insufficient memory), and it would not permit use of the sd card (only for pics and other non navigation related uselessness). The only option was to go with less maps. Having to leave out Canada was really annoying because I live in a border state and travel there occasionally and Garmin had worked very will on those trips.

There was no option for regions (e.g., northeast US).

Got the LM40 the last time they were on Woot.
This is the low end of the Lifetime Map group of Garmins.
“Lifetime” is until 2025,
Update of new Interstate speed limit in Illinois is 8 months late and no sign of when they will fix that.
Unlike my other Garmins, the LM40 does NOT allow people traveling with you to set new destinations while vehicle is moving.
The other Garmins I have are “feature” packed. This is feature starved.
It is low priced because it is slow and routes poorly.
It will be cheaper soon, with good reason!

I use this one at work, it’s pretty good. It helped me avoid traffic by finding me an alternate route so I’m convinced.

I have Google Maps on my phone, but this standalone model gives me more ease especially when working the small streets. Plus my phone stays fully charged.

Good to know. I switched from Garmin nuvi to a TomTom GO LIVE 2535M because I wanted to try their maps…conclusion is they’re not much better and about the same really, give or take. TT updates have been dicey and has taken me several tries but finally had to go with a smaller map due to not enough space for the update. It seems to be on purpose for all of them.
Garmin updates always went a lot smoother.
TT does offer a smaller portion of North America and Canada, the places I’d use that fit nicely within the available memory, and I guess I can load a different map if we go on vacation someplace else, an annoyance but apparently it’s unavoidable within a few years of purchase with ANY GPS.

I have one of these. As long as you only want to put one destination into it, it works fine. If works with the free Garmin Basecamp software (free download for trip planning on your computer), but when you load your multi-day trip from Basecamp, it only saves the waypoints, not the entire track. You have to go from point to point.

I kept it and put it in one of my cars. I purchased a much higher end model and it accepted entire trips with all of the waypoints.

So… If you want to go from point to point in a simple fashion and access restaurants, shopping, gas, etc., this will do the job and for the price, it’s a pretty good deal.

I was just saying the other day, that I needed to get another GPS.

Got a Tom Tom Ease a couple years back. Good device, but there is no provision to examine the route, ahead.

Garmin has that, and for $65, (shipping) I’ll give this a try.

Bought one of these 2 weeks ago.

A card in the box regarding activating lifetime maps was bogus (non-working URL) and caused me some hassle for a while.

Also (minor point), maps for only 49 states, not 50.

No wall charger.

Nice unit, though.