Garmin nüvi 4.3" GPS with Lifetime Maps

Feels like old times with a refurbed GPS on Woot! For the record I purchased and still use a refurbed TomTom purchased from Woot! in 2011.

Does this have maps for US-lower 48 only. Or does this have the map for US and Canada?

I’ve had this same model for awhile now. Its not the most advance but if you know the address it’ll get you there no problem. If you need to find anything other than a gas station or a grocery store, use your phone to search and punch in the destination in the Garmin.

pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at

Discussion from a previous offer

But the phone already has an equivalent map/GPS guidance lol

yeah but then some of us need our phones to talk or run other apps. Oh, you probably have a second phone for that.

I’ve got the 42LM, and – while it’s got its quirks – it’s a good size (fits in lower cargo-shorts pocket and nicely props-up over tach in instrument well of Honda Accord) and works really well.

If you’ve got it propped in the instrument well, it provides very handy context of what’s directly in front of you – you’ll know that directly over that hump where you can’t see the road, you’ll turn left…so you can slow for it.

I’ve downloaded several map and software updates using the Garmin Express program.

All-in-all, a very capable and handy device…and, since it has no communications facilities, it isn’t constantly reporting your position to the NSA.

Wow, some people don’t get out much…lol…

Have you ever looked at a coverage map of the western United States? Lots of blank spots–that means places with NO cell coverage, lol…

There site says that it supports both Us & Canada

Does it tell you where the speed traps are located… Like WAZES App?

Any idea if this will take Middle East maps and if so what that cost to put on it?

Check here for pricing:

Here’s a direct link, it’s $119.99

I didn’t know they still sold these. I thought most cars have them in the dash like my last two cars. I had one of these once, but couldn’t read it without my reading glasses. I prefer the 8" in-dash ones

Will the garmin work in areas where there is no cell phone service?

I have 2 old Garmin NUVIs, a 350 and a 650. I also have a newer TomTom. While I love the TomTom’s “lane assist” feature for traveling across the country in unfamiliar localities and find it extremely useful, I still prefer the old Garmins because of their simple and logical screens for setup.
If this Garmin had “lane assist” (which it doesn’t), I’d buy this one.

Yes, assuming the orbiting navigation satellites are operational and in “view”. Since the standalone GPS units like this have built-in map databases, they don’t rely on cell-tower reception for determining their location or for updating the maps, and therefore aren’t limited to areas that have good cell coverage.

I might woot this. I purchased this for my wife several years ago as a Christmas gift. I thought she crazy for wanting something her mobile phone provided but she proved me wrong and this device has come through where Google Maps on a Samsung S4 has FAILED.

A recent update of the device requires a SD card as it has ALL maps for both the US and Canada. So get a good SD card for it too.

Having used it on several very long road trips one of my gripes is the GPS and highways with branching lanes in. The GPS will countdown to the next major milestone (i.e. “3 miles to go”) only to tell you to stay in the same lane at the branch. WTH?

Otherwise it’s a capable and fun model. I’ve installed several icons for the little nav icon and voices (will have to take the Brittish accented woman off…she has way too much attitude! haha)

Otherwise this is a good buy.