Garmin nüvi 4.3" GPS with Lifetime Maps

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Garmin nuvi 4.3" GPS with Lifetime Maps
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Good Reviews over at Best Buy

What does this footnote refer to? There is no explanation in the product description.

With FREE lifetime map¹ updates

My advice would be to pass it by. I bought this exact same refurbished GPS from Woot 3 or 4 months ago and setting it up went very smoothly and at first I was thrilled with it with the exception that it can’t find places that have existed for many years in the same location at times and an address may be required to find it which is irritating. I could even live with that until it started trying to turn me into brick walls, woods, fences and if I take even the slightest detour at times it sends me going in circles over and over. I tried it once in an area I’m familiar with just to make sure a new road hadn’t opened up and no… turn right and turn right and turn right and it never caught on until I reset it and started over. In unfamiliar areas I find myself resetting it and have ended up using my iphone to find my way. Terribly disappointed in it!

Description is inaccurate. It says 50 states but it is not. They pulled this same stunt the last time this was offered. The box it comes in says different. Their customer support don’t see a problem with inaccuracies.

Yeah, I was wondering the same thing.

Also, the fact that it says “US” – what exactly does that mean? If I wanted to take it to Europe, those maps would cost extra?

The features page looks like the features listing directly from the Garmin site and also has the footnote. The footnote text is…


I had an older Garmin that had US and Canada maps when new. When I went to upgrade the maps, there was not sufficient memory to have both Canada and US.

A sore point for me, because we take frequent trips to Canada and previously found it very useful on those trips. There was no indication that the maps wouldn’t fit until I paid for the upgrade.

At least here, you won’t be paying for the upgrade, but the fine print does say “lifetime” is limited to until the memory capacity is insufficient. I would count on that not being very long, as they continually add business/point of interest info to the maps.

All you need to do is to invest in an inexpensive SD card and you are set. Memory space is not an issue! That’s what I did and there is absolutely no problem. You can even store other country’s maps on the card and then switch the card when you travel. I did that when I was stationed in Europe and then later drove through Canada on the way to Alaska

I have one of these. It is good from one point to another. What it won’t do is allow you to put in a route with way points. It works with the Garmin software, but you can only load the way points, not the routes. That means that on long trips, you will have to go from point to point.

Found it:

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