Garmin nüvi 4.3" GPS with Lifetime Maps

I’ve loaded Garmin maps (on micro SD) on a couple of different Nuvi’s as well as my Garmin 800 that I use on my bike, all worked just fine.

There is a link on the Support page to report map errors. I’ve done it a few times, forgotten to do it most times. I’ve seen updates made, for instance the Chicago Skyway entrance was reconfig’d and the maps caught up with it.

I’m surprised you were able to do that at all. Garmins seem to want to load the new map entirely, before deleting the old map and freeing up space. They also seem to ship with the least amount of internal memory that’ll just barely hold the current map.

I’ve decided that when you’re buying a Garmin, add an 8GB microsd card to the order to make sure the maps can always be updated.

Spoken like someone who has never gone there…

I am actually looking at buying this because my wife and I are stationed at a US base in the UK, and was wondering if UK maps could be loaded… i’m assuming based on your post that its possible to do? Is it expensive?

…it’s not that bad if you’re from there, but if you’re not. Not a bad idea to not go. I feel comfortable saying that because I AM from there.

It appears that this GPS lets you choose which set of maps you want to load on the device - Is that correct?

The model number (010-N0990-21) suggests that this has the Lower 48 States installed.

Garmin 010-N0990-21: Lower 48 States
Garmin 010-N0990-20: US and Canada

I thought on check-out I would have to choose which one I wanted.


Thank you… I have a nuvi 550 the waterproof rugged dual purpose car/hiking/boating model and someone was selling them for 1200 british pounds on ebay a couple months back… seems to be one of those rare gems like the early casio high speed cameras that shot up in price and are really sought after since the newer models were introduced.

We are aware that some of you are experiencing ordering and other issues and we apologize for this. We will let you know as soon as it’s fixed.

It sounds like people are able to order on mobile devices so you might try that if you can.

Some are also having luck with clearing out their temp/cache files on their browser.

Well, you wouldn’t want to run into Leroy Brown.

Fyi as I’m sure someone else has already pointed out, it’s only $10 more(remember +$5 woot shipping) at Amazon for a Brand New one that you’ll get in 2days with Prime.

They are giving you a 1yr warranty here, same as New which is nice, but frankly when pricing is remotely close I’d much rather deal with Parent Amazon. Much better return policies and you can call and get a live person plus that whole 2 day shipping with Prime deal.

Anyway post came off a little more negative than I intended but I just have to scratch my head sometimes when shopping woot and I do a price check vs the parent company and find only small differences like this. They have to know first thing we do is price check Amazon which makes the pricing even odder sometimes. Oh well.

I got one a while back from woot…love it. Has good maps for the Colorado Plateau.

Whoever told me to wait till Black Friday to buy a GPS- thank you! I bought a Garmin Nuvi 3597lmt for $150 off ($199). It was one of my top two choices, the other being the Magellan Smart GPS.

Does anyone know if you can load GDB files into this model?

Little creepy. The GPS map in the pics is two blocks from my condo.

I used their massively laborious map-update site a number of times when we got our first Garmin GPS. I never saw any of those updates happen. An ex-Garmin employee on some reputable website (Amazon? here? I don’t remember) suggested that those sites are largely about promoting customer satisfaction. And that they don’t actually pull their updates from them unless they get hundreds upon hundreds of the same exact report.

A very recent Garden State Parkway entrance reconfiguration near me was updated pronto, too, just like your Skyway update. I imagine large/interstate/etc roads like that are updated in the national database and fed to Garmin without Garmin having to do any research themselves. Local streets that got made One Way, or haven’t existed for a decade and a half, just aren’t captured anywhere.

And don’t get me started on using the Garmin for local stores/gas stations/train stations/etc. It’s laughable. Seriously, decades out of date.

PDF Manual:

(if this is a repost…ops sorry. My search didn’t return any post containing the manual)

I have a 1450LMT (bigger screen, probably older line, and lifetime maps and traffic) I got for about $120 a couple of years ago.

One of my undocumented uses is to hook it up to my computer and load the log file directly into Adobe Lightroom (4 or 5). That way I can automatically geotag all my pictures. I’ve found that it fails if the log gets too big, so I just clear it when I know I’m going to be taking pictures that day.

Canon makes a GPS unit for my camera, but it costs $240, so no thanks.


“Make the first available U-turn”

Ah yes, I know I’ve missed the exit when it says that to me! I use my dad’s, but considering buying my own now.