Garmin nuvi 2200 Personal GPS



I have an older Nuvi and I bought a $$$ lifetime subscription to map upgrades. They upgrade about 4 times a year. Would I have to pay another high price to upgrade this unit. Other than that Garmin makes the best GPS units IMHO.


Same price $69.99 when on moofi earlier:

Product webpage:

with quick start guide

and manual:

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This does not include map updates.

If you spend $50 more you can get one with lifetime map updates, free lifetime traffic, and a bigger screen.


This does not include map updates.

If you spend $50 more you can get one with lifetime map updates, free lifetime traffic, and a bigger screen.


For the SAME price today you can get the Garmin nüvi 1300LMT 4.3" Touch-Screen with Lifetime Map & Traffic Updates here:


Does anyone know how the Garmin performs on long trips? I have a Tom Tom I brought on woot a while back and on a trip across WVa and the mountains recently, it kept telling me to leave the interstate and go on a scenic route (even though I had it set for the fastest route). It added an hour onto my trip on the way over until I caught on and started ignoring it unless it matched my mapquest printout.


The deal you are mentioning is deceptive. If you read the fine print, the lifetime mapsis available must be bought separately.


I have one of the older Nuvi 250’s bought about 3 or 4 years ago, and although the maps on it are out of date, it still works pretty well around my local area since the roads don’t change much.

It has three route settings, Fastest Time, Shorter Distance, and Off Road, along with a list of toggles under Avoidances you can check to avoid, like u-turns, toll roads, ferries, and such. I usually pick Fastest and when driving to DC every year it takes me straight through NYC, which I do in the early morning hours and it works great. I have EZ-PASS so I prefer to use the NJTP, which it’ll lead me to, especially on the way back when 95 splits off. As for farther out, I did use it when I drove out to Ohio awhile back and it seemed to be okay despite having out of date maps with many of the roads that have changed out there, it still lead me back to 80 in PA without too much trouble.

Bottom line is, Garmin’s Nuvis are solid GPS in my opinion, and if you get traffic or lifetime maps, it’s even better.


That one is an “LMT”, which in Garmin-speak means Lifetime Maps and Traffic, but then lists the maps as an add on. Perhaps the original subscriptions were activated by the first owners, explaining the low price?


You are correct. I don’t think this one even has map updates available though or traffic updates (which are free on the other). The 1300 model also has a bigger screen with a wider viewing area and a 4 hour vs. 3 hour battery life.



I have an older Garmin (Nuvi 260W) that I use religiously, even if only to see the arrival time on my way to work (or anywhere, for that matter!). I’ve used it for trips from NY to NC and FL and haven’t had any issues…in fact, I couldn’t be much happier! I’m not sure how the newer models compare, but based on my experiences, I would highly recommend a Garmin GPS (especially what I’ve seen from other brands, like TomTom, though perhaps that depended more on the specific models).

From reviews I read recently, the only thing to watch out for if you go with a different Garmin is the traffic feature. While this sounds like an amazing thing to have, most people with those Garmin models complained about the advertisements that come with the traffic updates, which literally pop up and block your map and essentially interfere with your drive. Also, some mentioned that if traffic is detected on your route, Garmin will just automatically re-route you without any warning or option to stay with your current path.


On a competitor’s site today. Older model, but larger screen and comes with lifetime maps and traffic all together at the same price as the woot for just the device.


The lifetime subscription is specific to the particular unit. You can’t transfer the maps or upgrade a different Garmin using the same map.

IOTW, you’d have to buy another $$$$ lifetime subscription.


I have a Garmin with lifetime maps. And either New Jersey as a state has declined to provide updated information for Garmin. Or Garmin has, as a company, failed to include most of New Jersey in their map updates.

For example, when driving home it invariably tries to take me down a road that was permanently closed over 8 years ago.

That’s not nearly as annoying as when it thinks the exit is on the OTHER SIDE of the highway. Or that the speed limit is 55 when it’s 35. When it tells me to turn the wrong way onto one-way streets in Newark.

Or when it believes I can make a left turn off any highway in Jersey. Um…has Garmin never heard of New Jersey?!

The GPS is fine. But the lifetime updates are a joke.


But then it says separate subscription required in the specs so kinda confusing


I purchased a refurbished Garmin to use while living in Germany. I would not do it again. It froze at the most inopportune times (in the middle of downtown Munich or on the autobahn). It did not respond very quickly, or at all sometimes when entering an address or changing settings. It was a real disappointment.


The 1300 model also has a bigger screen than this 2200 version (4.3" vs. 3.5") with a wider viewing area, and it has a 4 hour battery life vs. only 3 hours on this 2200 model.


New to GPS systems… So does this one just come with the preloaded maps only, and if so, is there even an add on option from Garmin to update maps from their site (obviously for a fee)? Just want to make sure it doesn’t get outdated in a few years. Even though my streets don’t change often, it would still be nice to know I can update it.