Garmin nüvi 4.3" GPS with Speech Recognition and Lane Assist

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Garmin n?vi 4.3" GPS with Speech Recognition and Lane Assist
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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I hear this has a downloadable map pack for finding the missing BOC from the Woot-off.

Amazon has it for $112. I’ve seen this at the big blue box for $149.

Does this come with lifetime map updates or would we have to buy them?

I have one of these. It works fantastic! Fast updates and prompt notice… Just don’t forget to update your maps every three moths or so!

I have one of these, it is awesome when you are going through a city and you do not know what lane to get in. This tells you were to go… Its sweet.

Amazon lists it at $169, new, so this is a pretty good deal (assuming it works equally well in its refurbished state).

Amazon Reviews

Lane assist sounds interesting - but is it accurate or realistically useful? Anyone?




yay reviews

Does anyone know if this has Text to Voice that speaks the names of the streets. I see it has voice recognition, but I did not see VtT


I got a garmin for my car

now with the Inspire as my backup GPS, i fear not to tread upon hollowed grounds where mortal men may not perfer to lay tread

getting lost in the woods is more fun this way

4.2 star average on Buzzillions.

lifetime updates!

A friend of mine has one of these, and while I’m not usually the kind of guy that likes a GPS, the lane assist is a very cool feature that’s useful for unfamiliar places.

Found a sweet video showing the speech recognition remote in action…


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