Garmin nüvi 4.3" GPS with Speech Recognition and Lane Assist

Does it work with Windows 7 for updates and such?


How hard and expensive is it to upgrade this for traffic updates?

WARNING!!! I am a die hard Garmin fanboy, but I have to say that my 855 is the worst Garmin GPS I’ve ever had. I have had about 6 different models over the years, but the 855 has serious lag issues when entering addresses and I frequently have to remove the battery because of lockups. The worst part is that the unit can lock up the highway and you’d don’t really notice because the road is pretty straight. Before you know it,you’ve blown past your exit because you are waiting on the GPS to tell you to exit. Not good.

$169 on amazon

so if you’re one of the 5 to 7 licensed drivers in the northern hemisphere who don’t already have a nav… this ones for you.

I own last year’s Garmin GPS. Let me be the first to tell you that it is a life saver. My Badgers won the right to go to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, so me and my college buddies drove all the way from Wisconsin to California with Garmin leading the way!

It’s very user friendly. My 60 year old mother, who is computer illiterate, caught on really fast and learned how to use it within minutes.

Youtube video (Test drive in a jet)

have an older Garmin nuvi. Still good. Way better than iphone. Paid like 5x as much. WAY better than iphone, even the $$ nav apps

Doesn’t look like it has lifetime maps. I like my TomTom. It was $150, but it has lifetime maps and lifetime traffic updates which work great.

Wow. A GPS not built-in to a phone. How retro. Count me out.

Bed time… will have to just dream of Buckets O’ Chicken.

Ok,found a decent video review on YouTube

Will I be paying for maps down the road with this?

That vid just made me buy this. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve had a significantly less shiny model of Garmin nüvi for the past year, and continue to be pleased with it, both locally and on cross-country trips. I’d be jumping at this sale if that one wasn’t still doing so well.

Lifetime traffic updates require a receiver purchase. It’s out of stock on Garmin’s site, but it’s the GTM 20, and its $80.73 on Amazon.

It is…read to the bottom of the specs.


According to Garmin: No, you would have to buy them

looks like according to an old deals woot you have to buy them

I was looking for that too. Does not appear to be eligible for lifetime map upgrades at Garmin, but you need to plug the device in to get prices on current maps.