Garmin nuvi 55LM GPS Navigators System

Garmin nuvi 55LM GPS Navigators System


They still make these?!?!? Don’t we all use our cell phones?

Are people still buying this crap!

Next deal sucks btw. You can get them a 5 below

And when you’re out of range for cell service?

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hmmm…I should probably travel more. That hasn’t happened to me in a long time. Good point.

Cell phone’s GPS abilities are not dependent on CELL or WIFI service. You can download offline maps to where you are going on google and other nav services (mapquest). Personally, I just use the nav system in my car. I guess people don’t mind looking at that itty bitty screen for nav guidance but I like the big screen on my dash, or as in my VW Atlas, I can put it in the center of the digital dash while the wife streams to the big screen. Plus, I get weather and the alerts on the car’s system seem way faster then the phone (I’ve tried them side by side) Even using Android car (or others it’s apple pay…cough cough, PLAY. People who use WAZE are just prematurely killing their battery (it’s a battery hog).

As far as the 55LM, I have one just like it but has traffic too, and connects to the phone via bluetooth for additional features (like weather). But incase people don’t know, they do say LIFETIME but it’s the service lifetime of the device. Like cell phones, after a few years, they stop support, it’s called End Of Life of the product. That’s when you no longer get FREE updates. Can say what it is for this device but my Garmin still gets updates and even those are questionable. I travel to north eastern Wisconsin a couple times a year to visit friends and in law. WDOT built a new road right long old 57. But driving on the new road, it doesn’t show it. It shows you in someones corn field. It’s been like that for 10 years. Even my VW doesn’t show it still and I’m on my 2nd VW with NAV. And for what it’s worth, even GOOGLE doesn’t show the new road. Go figure.

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These are nice but whenever I need them for a big trip to areas without cell i just hop on ebay and grab it for $15 used in advance and I assume they have only been used a few times too

Been there, done that. It was not fun. And downloading maps ahead of time requires organization.