Garmin vívosmart HR Smart Activity Tracker

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Garmin vivosmart HR Smart Activity Tracker
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Battery life lists “up to” 5 days. That seems quite a bit better than wifey gets out of her Fitbit.

Anyone have real world experience they can report? Also, notice any change in phone battery life from being connected?

I have a vivofit and they are great. This vivosmart, not so much.


"On one hand, the Vivosmart HR is a relatively well executed smart-band, that cleanly displays your notifications and also tracks your HR. The battery life of about 4-5 days is pretty good, and the activity and sleep tracking aspects work well.

However, the main pitch of the Vivosmart HR is the optical HR sensor. After all, it’s part of the product name. And in that area, they’ve made too many sacrifices with the product. The battery tradeoffs have made the all-day and RHR functionality pretty much useless (which could easily be addressed by Garmin allowing you to increase sampling rates and decrease battery life). And then the optical HR sensor during workouts is very mixed. Some days and portions of the workout it’s great, and other days it’s just lost in space. Meanwhile, use in re-broadcasting during cycling is totally useless (which is pretty much the only time you’d use the broadcasting feature).

Thus, leaving me with a bit of a conflicted product. I’ve found it easy to wear over the past month in that it’s just sorta there and the notifications and step reminders do well. But, when push comes to shove, it’s going to be all over the map for the HR pieces. Some days it wakes up on the right side of the bed, and others it’s all upset about life. And ultimately, nobody wants someone unpredictable"

4.2 Stars over at Best Buy

Yeah, these things SUCK! Had two of them. They are hit and miss as far as syncing with a phone or PC. It’s as if Garmin released the hardware and before they got the bugs out of the software the next gen stuff came out so they said screw it.

Fit Bit is literally 10X’s better. And the 5 days battery life is probably if you don’t wear it. I got maybe a day and a half before I had to recharge mine. I really tried to make these work!! Even went to their American distribution center in Kansas (they are a Swedish company for the purposes of tax evasion) to get one on one tech support. Bottom line, guy told me “we have a habit of releasing great hardware with software that should be fixed with our first software update.”

I spent much more than this for a new HR+, which I’m pretty sure the only difference is the GPS. So here’s my experience:

I’ve not had any battery issues, so the 5 day thing is true for me.

Any kind of optical HR tracker isn’t going to be truly accurate compared to the chest strap, but those aren’t the most comfortable to wear all day. I just went into it to get a baseline and then gauge HR from that point.

The step counter seems fairly accurate once you actually measure your stride and input the distance.

The big thing that this has that most fitbits dont, especially at this price, is the waterproof/resistance plus still having a screen. I’ve worn mine in the shower, hot tubs and pools with zero issues.

For the price, I don’t think you’re going to get anything better.

Real World Experience:
The Vivosmart HR has been my daily wear device for the last 10 months and is still going strong. It was sent to me as a free factory upgrade to the standard Vivosmart (no HR) I had purchased after two consecutive standard Vivosmart units failed. I have had no problems at all with the HR version, though Heart Rate monitoring is not a priority for me.
Battery Life - Initially, I got 5 to 6 days before having to charge. Later, I decided to turn off the HR monitoring and now I consistently get two weeks between charges.
Bluetooth - I am sure having Bluetooth on all the time consumes some phone battery, but it has not seemed significant on my Note4

Addendum: I do swim, shower and bathe wearing my Vivosmart HR. The only issue I have had there is that the screen does respond to water moving across it as a “touch” pretty often. It took me a few times to figure out why my phone was so often playing music when I got out of the shower, but the spray was activating the music control feature on the watch randomly. There is a process to temporarily turn off the touch on the screen to avoid this problem.

I’ve had this tracker for about 8 months and wear it 24 hours a day for tracking steps, heart rate and sleep. As for battery life, I charge and sync mine with my computer every Sunday (takes about 2-3 hours to charge). I do not have the bluetooth turned on to sync with my phone. I see no need to do so as all daily activity can be seen on the device and if I want to know the current weather, I look out the window or at my phone for the temperature. I would rather get the extra battery life from the device and my phone than to have the unneeded (and not often accessed) information of the app at my fingertips.

On the one hand… What if I wear it on the other hand? Will anything change?

… Sorry, couldn’t resist.

For me, Bluetooth is needed. Quick notifications with a glance at the wrist so I can know whether it is worth stopping what I am doing to return a call or message is important. Continuous heart rate monitoring? Not so much, I can turn it on when I want it. The fact that you can turn on and off the features to meet your personal needs is a big plus. Though I admit The Garmin interface software for Android could be better.

Wow!!! Both of the things you wrote are exactly what I went through and was gonna write. I love this edition, I killed 3 of the regular vivos, haha! I never take it off except to charge. I have HR off and brightness to lowest setting and it lasts about 2 weeks between charges. I actually keep it “locked” to avoid accidentally playing music. Texts still show up even with it locked, so it doesn’t bother me.

This is half price. Quite a steal, even if you don’t care about the heart rate part. It’s a cool basic looking watch that can vibrate when you get a text, skip forward or back your music, and dunk in water. I am seriously considering buying one of these as a backup, since I’ve had mine almost a year.

Happy shopping!

Just bought same refurbished item with a black band from the mothership. Got Prime? Save $5. If this is not the same item please correct me since I might need to cancel my order…ívosmart-Activity-Tracker-Regular/dp/B01GSRKQU2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1492870989&sr=8-1&keywords=Garmin+Vivosmart+HR+Smart+Activity+Tracker

Hey, wonder if you’ll get one of mine.
I’ve had 6 - all over span of 9-10 months. Kept dying and being replaced under warranty.
Didn’t abuse them - just everyday wear.
Gave up and went back to Fitbit.