Garrity 1 Watt Luxeon® LED Spotlight - 2 Pack

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New Garrity 1 Watt LuxeonA® LED Spotlight - 2 Pack, for $14.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 2x Garrity KS200 1 Watt LuxeonA® LED Spotlight (Random Color)

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Reviews on the Garrity 1 Watt



Great buy! In for 1 (set of two)

1 watt isnt terribly bright for a “spotlight” lol.

White light* is made of all the colors of the spectrum.

It’s that important.

1 whole watt?!? WOW!!!

My eyes, my eyes!!!..

One for each hand.

this would come in handy the next time i need to shine a flashlight in two places at once!

I used to think these were the shizzle but nowadays they’re outperformed by the cheapest of Crees which are far more easy to carry.

Would have to be half the price again to be tempting.

Lol @ “Datums”

I got one of these in my boc a few times back. It broke after a few uses, but those few uses were great. We were spotlighting the trees in my back yard for owls.

These looked nice at Lowes. Almost bought 1 there for more than the price of 2 here. Yay Woot! In for one set.

Two 5 star reviews on AMazon. That’s a promising start. Not enough to make a clear decision, but definitely helpful.

Law of Physics: White the absence of color and black the combination of all colors.

A. Did you want owls to be there?
B. Did you want owls to go away?
C. Are you an owl enthusiast?

Just wondering what the purpose of shining a light on an owl is. Thanks in advance for your clarification of this matter.

If I had the money I would buy em because it works out to be buy 1 get one free ($20 MSRP)

How long will 4 “AA” Alkaline batteries last on this thing?

Anyone know how bright these are?