Garrity 1 Watt Pivoting Luxeon LED Headlamp

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Garrity 1 Watt Pivoting Luxeon LED Headlamp
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Garrity KH021G 1 Watt Pivoting Luxeon LED Headlamp

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Who the heck would wear this…?

Yes, that’s a serious question, not spam.

It will light up your keyboard so you can Woot more effectively during a Woot-off.

Good reviews on this headlamp on Buzzillions

New, its $18.75, so this is a killer deal. I’m in for 2!

I want the mannequin head.

Ah, that’s where I parked my car! In for 3.

Something for the future Amazing Race contestant in your life.

Wow. Lots of good reviews for this one on Amazon. Happy spelunking.

ugh… what the heck would i use this for…

the many caves around me? … going into a dark room?

I don’t work in a cave . so this isn’t for me.

Probably a decent price due to it being LED, therefore long battery life, but I just have so little need for this.

Is this one size fits all? Unfortunately, I have a pretty large head.

good for camping, working on car, etc.
price is ok, shipping kills it.

Mechanics, Plumbers, Anyone who needs their hands and would rather not hold a flashlight to see into dark places.

they sell better ones for about the same at home depot. Too bad I already have one for Burningman

Can I go spelunking with this?

Oh wait, no caves in Dallas…

I thought for that price you would get 2 or 3

Great for those who work outdoors at night, or have tasks where no light. Camping etc where you need both hands, and a lantern or flashlight is not an option. Keep in car in case you need to change a tire etc. in the dark