Garrity 1 Watt Pivoting Luxeon LED Headlamp

i am wearing mine now

I have one of these. It’s not as cool as it sounds. I’m still not a steampunk miner.

And you’ve been divorced how long now?

hyah! Woot-Off lightnin.

This is a good deal. I paid a lot more for this.

This is a good deal. I paid a lot more for this.

My ex-wife’s, sisters, cousins, friends dog has one of these and he swears by it for caving in the Frozen Tundra.

Ooops…I see that his endorsement wasn’t even needed. Speaks for itself. :slight_smile:

Who the F thought that the cat video was a good idea for a server error? They have errors due to too little bandwidth, so the blow a ton more downloading video to say so. One unemployed IT pro should trade places with the current moron. This is going to be the worst woot-off ever.

These are awesome! Saved my butt at Bonnaroo 09!

Woot! A WootOff!!

Woot is not Mac compatible. ACtually, nothing is Mac compatible. I have two macs and both went spinning gay beach ball of death belly up on me. feh!

Anyway, These headlights are great! If I hadn’t already gotten three on the last woot I’d get more now.

Curse you all, and curse Woot’s slow servers!

I wanted to buy two of these, but by the time the site stopped hanging, they were sold out!

I’ve been waiting for these to come up again in a Woot-off for months!


What use does this have besides mining for coal and looking like a jackass?

Well, uh, this schmuck did, when they sold last time. They are great; very strong headlight. Go ahead - laugh - but we bought one to watch the dog go out at night. Living in the country, he wanders. We put a reflective collar on him, and using this gadget keeps him in sight. Yeah, could use a flashlight, but this is cooler, and don’t have to keep holding the flashlight. Everywhere you look - the light follows. My husband often burns the trash at night, and uses it then; also in the winter, good for getting wood from the woodpile to burn at night; keeps the hands free.

And, praytell, what else are you wearing? Anything???

So would you

can you turn of the red LEDs? I see there is the option to have them constant on or blinking… but is there an off feature just for the red LEDs, i would use mine night fishing, setting up duck decoys etc in the dark and I think the red LEDs would annoy me. Any info would be great.

I’m sick of seeing it to, but the video itself is not hosted on woot’s servers…