Garrity Rechargeable LED Flashlight

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Garrity Rechargeable LED Flashlight [New] - $4.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Garrity ke900g Rechargeable Power Failure LED Flashlight

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$15.99 at Amazon.


does this come with a charging base?

Any know the lumen output of this thing?

Hey, I have one of those! It’s not a bad flashlight, in a pinch. I wouldn’t call it bright. It won’t really light up a work area, say behind the computer, but it’s enough to see a screw and align a screwdriver. A nice thing to have handy in the kitchen, or as a backup for a power outage.

It sounds like a good deal… Probably would make a good Christmas stocking stuffer… :slight_smile: Now if only I had some extra $$$ in checking to buy it… :slight_smile:

does this light up when my lights go out?

Doesn’t need one; it plugs directly into an electrical outlet.

So you can replace the batteries on this right? Does it come with a charger and any idea how long this lasts between charges?

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Does anyone know how many white LEDs are on the business end of this thing?

In for 3.

There’s a switch that flips out a built-in plug, so the entire thing lives at the socket.

What is the life of the batteries before they need to be replaced?

How long will the light burn on a single charge?

“How bright” is the flashlight?

Aren’t we being urged by Public Service Announcements not to leave electric/electronic things plugged in? Does this efffectively need to be left in the wall almost all the time?

I’ve had a similar Garrity light for about 10 years. When the power goes off in the middle of the night, it automatically turns on. When the light wakes you up, look on the nightstand to see your alarm clock flashing 12:00 because you still haven’t changed the backup batteries.

So it uses AA rechargeable batteries… So… if you’re in a middle of power failure or other no-power situation, you can just slip in three regular AA’s and keep going?

Just make sure to NEVER put it into charging with those, or a disaster may happen!

Hm… on the other hand, during the good times, you can probably use it as a spare NiMH battery charger… That is if you have some sets of three you need to charge :confused:

Per item description page:
Accepts 500 cycles (full charges)

Previous line in description reads:
Full charge provides up to 10 hours of continuous light