Garrity Rechargeable LED Flashlight

In for 3

Here this is at Amazon for $25 with shipping and a 5 star review from a buyer!


Umm, keep in mind that these would be AAA batteries, NOT AA. Which brings up a pet peeve of mine: why do all these “imports” use AAA when there is plenty of room for AA? The power density is higher and the cost is the same. For instance: this flashlight would work longer (a good thing) if the batteries were AA. BTW: the biggest peeve are in remotes 'cause I hate replacing batteries in universal remotes - I might lose the codes!

“Only utilizes one outlet during charging, leaving the other one free”

What a neat feature.

There is 1 “Nichea 2x LED” (so 1 lamp style LED). The lumen output of that LED is approximately 6 lumens.

However don’t compare an LED flashlight lumen to the lumen output of most other devices (like your 2000 lumen projector). They just don’t correlate.

6 lumens is just about right for what it is designed to be: an around the house emergency flashlight. Don’t expect to go spotlighting deer with this, it isn’t what it was designed to do.

good side gift for the parents.

How many LEDs does it have? Picture looks like just one, which means it’s not very bright. Am I wrong?

Totally agree with you… HATE when the remote stops working and I’ve got multiple AA batteries but no AAA, nothing should use AAA’s drives me nuts!!!

In for three…not a bad to keep in various rooms around the house

Agreed. These are great in the kid’s room to keep the screaming to a minimum, when the power goes out. Nice to have in our room as well. Plus the living area in case the power goes out before bedtime.

I like that I can change out the batteries. Similar units that I’ve had in the past had an uncommmon hard-wired battery that wasn’t intended to be user accessible. That meant scrapping it when the battery would no longer charge. This is MUCH better.

In for 3!

Yeah, this is a no-brainer.

Put one in the hallway outside the kids bedroom, another in the stairs, and the third in the kitchen. They leave a plug available, they’re easy to find and use, and three of them here for $20 is cheaper than 1 at Amazon.

Sold! N 4 3.

A MUCH better question is what TYPE of LED does it have. Amount is not that important.

Does anyone know if you can turn it on while it’s plugged in (to serve as a night light) or does it only turn on (while plugged in) if the power goes out?

I also would like to know, is that a switch on the front or a nightlight… I like the version with the nightlight better. :frowning: SMALL version though

Guess what I’ll be giving when we choose “Secret Santas” at work.

Looks like a great stocking stuffer and no more stubbed toes during a power outtage. In for 3!

In for 20.

At work, there has been one of these flashlights in the bargain bin for over a year, probably close to two by now. Its been marked down to ~$9 from its original $20, but still no one wants to buy it. I feel sorry for it sometimes, I am glad the ones here at Woot! are finding good homes.

This is listed as one of the Features…

“Only utilizes one outlet during charging, leaving the other one free”


This is the most useful comment so far. Care to share where you work?