Garrity Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Well if Gatzby says its ok not great but ok, I’m in for 3 for those cold winter power outs so I can find the generator, crank it up and get my heat back.
Gotta love the New York winters

I second that thought!

I’m curious what the mAh rating is on the included batteries and if this will work in countries that use 220V.

They’re saying the plug is close enough to the base that the unit doesn’t block the unused outlet, which is a valid feature.

It will not turn on when plugged into a power source.

However, the moment power is cut out in your house, it will turn itself on if you left the switch in the “on” position, which is really pretty cool, because you can then find your flashlight in your home if your power goes out!

If I buy another LED light of any kind, I will be using it to light my way to the divorce lawyer’s office.

Me too, In 4 3!

Good reviews over at Google Shopping - Product not found. i question the reviews that gave this product 1-2 stars. they seem to be dups and posted by someone with 2 brain cells

If it had said, “With a plug profile small enough not to block the other wall outlet when charging…” would that work for you?

Works for me. I’m sick of wall warts, so if this thing can be plugged in and leave the neighboring outlet free, well, feature.

You win the “Best Comment” award for this thread.

Anyone know if its only 120 volt or good for travel having 110 volts to 240 volts range?

Those reviews are not for this Garrity ke900g light…they’re for the Garrity E300GST06N. The picture shows it’s a different light.

Only if you want to end up like the Travelocity Gnome.

Bought one as a gift for my grandparents for Christmas…hopefully a good buy!

That is a different flashlight. And 3 of 5 stars is not good, just ok.

Shipping Update

Garrity Rechargeable LED Flashlight has completely shipped via SmartPost. All tracking will be emailed by this aftenroon to members who purchased this item. If you would like to find your tracking information sooner, please click the following link and use your ORDER NUMBER as the reference number.


SMARTPOST ='S 10 DAYS SHIPPING TIME Perhaps Woot could use UPS or regular FEDEX in the future.

Is this the slowest possible delivery or what?
According to the FedEx tracking page it went from TX to WI and then to IN where its sitting all weekend and not expected here until the 13th.
Thats 10 days in transit!!

I’ve received my 3, and had decided to so carefully dissect one in the name of science!

I mainly did this because I was curious as to what type of battery system it uses.

The one screw on the back-end (on the rubberized handle section) can be removes, and the entire rubberized handle section can be easily and cleanly pulled off.

This entire action can be done with 1 Phillips screwdriver and takes roughly 10 seconds.

Revealed is a plate for 3 AAA batteries, NIMH, 1.2v.

Think of this entire dissection to be very much like removing the battery compartment of a remote control.

All things considered, with just a few minutes of work, you can turn one of these flashlights into a stylish battery charger (for NIMH batteries, mind you), that also doubles as an emergency flashlight when the power goes out. I love Woot!

According to the tracking number, I got my 3 on the 7th. Real shame because they still haven’t arrived.