Gas Cans

Wish y’all had a deal on military style cans. Jerry-cans I think they call em.

I was excited for a minute until I saw the prices and realized;
no deal here. Go to a brick and mortar store that is probably 15 miles or less from your home and buy a 5 gallon plastic one for 13$
Sure it isn’t metal, but it won’t rust from the inside out either.

you’re comparing apples to oranges. these are more expensive on amazon, and others. you can find something else for cheaper. so what? these are a deal on here.

I buy high-percentage biodiesel locally, and have gone through three of those crap plastic jugs. These metal containers are far better for longer term storage (plus there are no plastic screw caps to dry out and crack apart).

In for one, so that I have at least one appropriately colored (Yellow = Diesel) storage container for my

Glad these are back. I hesitated last time and missed out. My old polyethylene cans have kicked the bucket one by one. They don’t do so well after years of the temperature swings encountered in a closed shed.

Eagle safety cans are the gold standard by which all others are measured IMO! I have a variety of them over 40 years old and they are still kicking! I picked up 2 2.5gal cans last time around and quite happy with them. I much prefer the metal spout like my vintage cans have but I am warming up to the plastic funnel. For those who prefer the cheap plastic cans, please remember to recycle them properly.

Yep. They’re made of steel (or at least they were 40 years ago.). They look cool on your jeep, APC, half-track, or tank. They’re a “must have” accessory for any combat vehicle.