GAT Supplements

Well, after weeding through the obvious faked reviews, I found a few that talk about the caffeine intoxication side effects that they felt from the nitraflex line.

Best review stated that he took a two pound err… bowel movement and felt like err… bowel moved-ment the rest of the day.

I think I’ll pass on this one. Literally!

Looking at the Testrol product, it seems to be a somewhat standard testosterone booster. Some of its ingredients lead just toward an effective libido, but that seems to just be a common side effect. Checking out the reviews, it seems to be positive for people who know what effects to be looking for, and negative for people that expect this to be more like steroids.

“Are you juicing, Baby Geoffrey?”

Eh, or perhaps he didn’t follow the directions, eat properly, or stay properly hydrated…the scoop of this stuff is tiny relative to the amount of water used.

It’s a decent product compared to the other pre-workouts available. Check the ingredient profile, consult with your doc if you need to - and enjoy your workout :slight_smile: