Gateway 1.8GHz QuadCore Media Center with HDMI Woot Info Post
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Gateway 1.8GHz QuadCore Media Center with HDMI [Refurbished] - $289.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Gateway DX4200-09 1.8GHz Quad-Core 4GB DDR2 640GB SATA HDMI Vista Home Premium

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Is it EnergyStar approved?

DX4200 gets 89/100 on average from Alatest.,28/

gateway product page

How good is this rig for gaming and does it qualify for any of the free/reduced Windows 7 Upgrade programs?

does it have a built in CD and or DVD burner?

Dont fear the 1.8Ghz as listed… Remember, it’s a quad core. :]

My refurb has never given me a problem.They are a really reliable company.

Scary small power supply, 300 watts might not be up to any video card upgrades.

As a refurb, no discount on win7 for you.

Psst… dont tell anyone, but im running an EVGA 9800GTX+ on a stock 300 watt on mine.

Refurb = “No free Windows 7 upgrade”

Did you bother reading the description?

■18X DVD+/-R/RW SuperMulti Drive featuring Labelflash™ Technology

no wi-fi? that’s a big omission for me.

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Well in order to toss in a decent video card for gaming, you might need a new power supply. Corsair psu’s ftw. Should be great with an ati 4850 and a corsair 400-450 watt.

And I doubt you’d get the free Win 7 upgrade.

I took a Stock HP refurb and stuck in a great big 9800GTX+ and it runs it like a beast.

I say for the base price it’s a steal for upgrading or just keeping it as is.

yes it has

18X DVD+/-R/RW SuperMulti Drive featuring Labelflash™ Technology

I can almost guarantee a bigger PSU will make your computer perform so much better…

What version of HDMI does this have?

I know there are a bunch (1.3, hell, I think there is a 1.3b). Also, is this digitally signed so it will work fine (digital handshake) with HDTVs?