Gateway 10.1” Netbook with 250GB Hard Drive, 6 Cell Battery & Windows 7 Starter

Drat! Finally a reasonable price on a netbook with a 6 cell, and I already have a laptop :frowning:

deja vu

Hopefully theres not very many of these…


A couple of questions from a knoob:

Has there been a Box of Crackers yet today?

Do Big ol’ Cheezits happen only on the main woot site, or can they happen on kidsdot and winedot too?

why does the wootalyzer thing only work half the time?

Used to have this. I didn’t like the small keys, so i returned it, and got the 11.6" version instead. Much better for me.

This was on Sellout.Woot on Wednesday, during March Woot-Off Part I.

6 cell ftw. I have the acer 10" that looks near identical to this. I love it. Windows 7 starter is lame though, full version plz!

Not enough memory for Win7. It will run slow!

This appears to be the same one that was on sellout.woot a couple of days ago. Yes?

Never seen the bags on the other sites but then again, I’ve not seen them take a day break in a woot-off. No, there haven’t been any bags yet.

Need more SOG knivez!!!

There are very, very, many.

After a cursory search, this looks like the model is the Gateway LT2030u.

Amazon link:

A complete misconception, especially considering Windows 7 Starter Edition.

A six-cell battery, and it’s loaded with WIN7? This is a good deal, even refurbbed. I’ve had my netbook for almost a year, paid twice as much, it was loaded with linux (a pain to change, when necessary) and my battery is much smaller.

If you’re looking for a netbook, this one has a lot of things to recommend it, even if it is a Gateway.

I see this thing on here so much that I feel like I already own one.

it’s windows 7 starter which is a pared down version. i have essentially the same configuration on my acer aspire and windows runs just fine.

Depends on perspective. I have a Asus Eee Box with 1 GB Ram and the 1.6ghz Atom and I think Windows 7 runs just fine on it.